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Dream-Makers V: Time Traveling.

The folks at Binney & Smith Inc. who produce Crayola products for our products for our nation's children, have done it again - they've published the fifth edition of one of the most popular and effective curricular support programs in the fields of elementary and art education. Dream-Makers V: Time Traveling is the latest edition of a program, begun in 1985, designed to support elementary art instruction. This resource package is built around a guide which provides unit and lesson ideas related to Time-Traveling, a thematic concept that stresses concepts and activities based upon the art of the past, present and, in a speculative way, the future. Accompanying the guide are two large posters - more accurately, broadsides - presenting a wealth of information and images.

Both of these resources address four basic themes - People, Animals, Shelter and Machines - in a way that makes them adaptable to almost any curricular orientation or structure. The content is readily adaptable - to elementary grade levels; even middle and high school instructional strategies. The resource guide highlights hands-on activities to complement instruction in all subjects; it provides tips and techniques that make media more effective and exciting; it contains rich illustrations of student artwork - it does it all in a usable format that models unit and lesson planning. The two broadsides feature master works and short statements to provoke reflection and discussion. And as with the past four Dream-Makers packages, this one invites you to join thousands of colleagues across the nation in exhibition opportunities at local and national levels. The latest Dream-Makers is an exciting map which helps teachers and children travel through the many worlds of the visual arts.

Last, but not least, the resource guide and broadsides come for only the cost of shipping and handling. For your copy, send a $2.00 check or money order payable to Dream-Makers. with you name, title, and address, to Crayola Dream-Makers, P.O. Box 21187, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-1187. Better yet, fill out he blank on the back dust cover of the September School Arts. Whether you teach kindergarten or advanced high school art courses, it will be the best two bucks you spend this school year.
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Date:Dec 1, 1992
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