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Dream on: think your mind's just spinnin' its wheels when you snooze? Think again!

Everybody dreams every night--whether or not ya always remember it the next day is another story. But those mini-movies your mind creates while you sleep are way more than your own private Nick at Nite (even if, when you dream, your little bro turns into a big blue SpongeBob Squarepants who sings opera in falsetto). Not only are there common dreams that we all share, there are common symbols in your dreams that can tell you a bunch about what's going on when you're awake. So what are you waiting for? Get your pillow fluffed, and curl up with our dream decoder!


Fuzzy creatures--no, not the cuddly ones on your bed--can have some pretty deep meaning in Dreamland. For instance, dreams of wild animals, like a lion or alligator trying to attack you, suggest that you feel out of control in some situation. If you manage to avoid or kill the animal in your dream, that means you're getting closer to controlling the real-life sitch. If you tame the wild animal, it means you're getting ready to come clean about something you've been hiding.

If you dream about cats, that suggests you're tapping into your feminine power. Meow! Doggie dreams are a sign that you're having luck with friendships. Puppies show you're enjoying your playful and carefree nature. If you dream of a snarly dog, it might mean you're dealing with a bully or clique. A litter of kittens are rolling around? You might be experiencing social friction. Watch out for a fox, though--someone might not be telling you the whole truth.

Sometimes, you might dream about the dear ol' pet that snuggles up and slobbers all over you while you're snoozin'. Does Rover seem standoffish? That's a sign that you need more love and acceptance from your friends and family. Is he especially friendly? That can hint that you've learned how to control your temper--nice going! If Spot is fighting in the dream, take a look at your closest chicas--you could be asked to help mend an argument between friends. Dreaming that your pet is sick or even (gasp) dead isn't only a bummer, it's a warning that something you're doing in real life may go against your values. And be especially careful about those dog biscuits. If you dream of buying pet food, you're dwelling on your responsibilities. If you eat pet food few) in your dream, it's a sign you're feeling nervous or guilty about a bud sitch.


They're all over the media, so it's no surprise when celebrities make a guest appearance in your sleep. If you're addicted to the E! network, dreaming about famous peeps might mirror your real-life obsession. But, usually, to dream about meeting, dating--even kissing!--a celeb is a reflection of feelings and ideas that celeb brings out in you. Orlando Bloom on the brain? Whatever is happening in the dream has some kinda meaning in your life right now.

Since celebs are out of reach to most of us, to dream that a crush or friend has become a celebrity might mean you're scared of losing his or her loyalty. Did she just become super-popular? Maybe you're worried she's gonna ditch you. If you're dreaming that you're a celeb, it doesn't necessarily mean Hollywood's calling. Red-carpet ruminations can mean you're not going after your goals with confidence or that some of your desires are unrealistic. Dreaming you're at your favorite star's funeral? Don't get into your mourning gear just yet. It just means you no longer admire what that star once represented to you or you want to change aspects of yourself that remind you of him.

Dreaming you're up at the podium at the Academy Awards, gushing and waving at all the buds who've helped you get there? If the dream feels awesome, it might mean you're on the verge of a personal success--yay! But if all those famous people in the crowd are ignoring you, you might need to cut back on your real-life obligations and focus on what's really important. Also, if that Oscar seems tainted or otherwise scary, it may be a warning. Beware of false friends, and be careful about spilling juicy secrets.


Fantasy dreams don't necessarily mean you've reread The Prisoner of Azkaban way too many times. If a dream has a Harry Potter-esque atmosphere, it can symbolize a journey of self-discovery in which you're exploring your limits, heading down new paths and awakening your full potential. If you dream of someone casting spells against you, be careful not to fall for tricks from someone at school. But be psyched if you're carrying a sword--that means you are a strong person who will triumph through honesty and confident action. But watch out for those wizards. While good ones can mean there are hidden forces working in your favor, hangin' with an evil wizard or warlock means you might be trying to get what you want through underhanded tricks or lies. So quit it--unless you want a major Howler from the 'rents!

If you're visiting a castle in your dream, pay attention to its physical condition. An awesome Princess Diaries spread could mean you have some interesting travels ahead, but a scary old castle or forbidding fortress is telling you to chill out and watch those aggressive urges. A moat symbolizes the emotional wall that you may be using to shut others out to avoid being hurt.

It wouldn't be a fantasy world without crazy creatures to inhabit it. Elfin snoozin' means you're held in high regard by others and can 'also foretell help from unexpected sources. To dream about a fairy means you're getting close to achieving your goals (wish granted!), while gruntin' trolls and ores are signals that you're going through some nasty conflict or hard times. Got a fire-breather bearing down on you at warp speed? A dragon represents a struggle between your good and dark sides. And unicorns? These gentle beings symbolize ideals, hope and purity.


What could be more fun than dreaming about your crush? Sometimes, though, the true meaning of the dream is more about you than him. On a dream date with your crush? That might reflect your anxiety about being liked by him, but it can also suggest that you're getting to know some hidden aspects and talents within yourself. If you kiss your crush in the dream, it's a sign you're getting to know him. If you dream of a double date, maybe you're nervous about a romantic situation and need your friends' support and advice. Single and dreaming of being in love? That means you're not getting enough affection in your daily life. Hug a bud!

If you dream of dating a friend's BF, rocky friendship times could be ahead. Other people are kissing? Perhaps you're too involved in your friends' personal lives--give 'em some space. Ex-boyfriend dreams are warnings that you're taking some steps back in life.


Nightmares can give valuable insight into your subconscious. Disaster dreams reveal a connection between your inner feelings and outer actions. If terrorists are in your dreams, you need to release unexpressed anger. Dreams of being trapped in a fire suggest you're having a hard time with a transition. A plane crash means you have unrealistic goals, while a car wreck says your beliefs or lifestyle clash with someone else's.

Dreaming of being chased by a killer? You may have enemies, so watch your back! If you try to run but can't move (or only in slo-mo) your self-confidence might be low. Witnessing a murder in a dream foretells sadness from others' misdeeds. Getting shot or stabbed in a dream says you feel betrayed.

If a dream features a Frankenstein-like monster or scary Scream III villain, it's time to shake a bad habit. Or, it could mean you should acknowledge your less-than-perfect aspects. Werewolves are strong symbols that you are headed down an undesirable path. Vampires indicate you are feeling drained. Dream of slaying vampires? Daily struggles might have you wiped out. Pick it up and brush yourself off, Buffy.


Need a quick symbol 'splained? Check out some of the most common dream icons....


You know what you want, but you're not acting on It yet. Hmmm--why don't you fish for whatever future you're headed toward?


Hole in one? Not exactly. You think somethin' important--a cool crush, a great friend--is missing from your life.


Yes you can have yours and eat it too! Luscious treats mean you're headed for success in some endeavor.


Not only are you as fresh as one--you're way open to new ideas.


Don't take your eyes off the ball--you'll get through your troubles once you gain more Confidence.


No, you're not about to dig up a mummy. Fossils represent things that have lasted, such as values and friendships.


Hello, world traveler! Seeing the whole Earth like a globe means you are a loyal friend.


Tangled times, anyone? You head to face reality in a certain Situation, or things could get way out of control.


You've got the Scoop on love--be quite confident about your crush!


Nope, it's not just your laundry pilin' up. You need to get rid of old ways of thinking and old habits.


Hop to it! You can outsmart someone who's giving you grief.


That embarrassing snafu that happened in front of the whole school? Nothing you can do about it, so stop being sour.


Feeling open to stuff? Your life is laid out like a big, wide field!


What a cool project--but you're worried about the responsibility. Hey, is it that science competition? Hit the lab!


Not only do you "play well with others," but your buds know you're the pal who keeps everyone in harmony.


You've got some minor difficulties and annoyances--shake 'em outta your shoe!


Maybe you're cold--or are just seeking some security about something. Snuggle up!


It's not chump change--this means a major lack of moolah has you feeling way worried.


Nope, you don't have a cold or flu, After a time of trouble, looks like you're finally feeling at ease.


An overwhelming issue is demanding your attention. Don't let your point of view get washed away!


You're not being visited by aliens--instead, you're seeking out your higher purpose in life.


Your fam is experiencing a harmonious time together. Hey, why not add some flute to the mix?


There's a change in your life, and you don't know which way the wind is blowing. Hold tight!


You've passed some kind of test with honor--give yourself a hand (or a keyboard)!


Yup, this one's up and down. You're having trouble making an important decision.


Enjoying a relationship with someone who's your total opposite?
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