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Dream come true.

Swine flu could not have happened at a better time for MPs. For them it's a dream come true.

An excuse to ban pork!

Even though World Health Organisation has stated that you absolutely cannot contract swine flu from eating it, the import of pork has been banned.

So, why wasn't chicken banned from being sold in shops when there was an outbreak of avian flu a few years ago?

Double standards that's why.

Authorities should be concentrating on making this country safe from swine flu the correct way, which is by implementing proper procedures instead of selfishly using this potential pandemic for their own means.

Peppa P

Scaring us...

So it's swine flu this year, bird flu last year, following Asian flu the year before, and reading the Press or viewing Sky News, the end of the world is nigh.

No it's not.

Anyone who listened to the World Health Organisation would think we are about to get a pandemic akin to a Black Death era, however medical science has moved on since 1350. The WHO predictions last year for a bird flu pandemic did not materialise, it may have given some nations the incentive to be alert to the symptoms and prepare their remedies.

There are over a 100 million people in Mexico and currently 160 have died all attributed to swine flu, yet the previous average death rate in Mexico shows a greater figure.

According to all those righteous pessimists in our midst they will now claim that these 160 Mexican deceased were either smokers, tequila drinkers or ate pork, maybe all three.

Well they have to chant their mantra anyway, even without this latest flu virus outbreak.

For the last 30 years I have taken anti-flu vaccines containing a different strain each year.

It's not guaranteed to stop me from catching flu but it does restrict the flu's worst effects.

On these occasions we do not need sensational Press reporting.

Instead let the public have all the information regarding availability of anti-viral drugs, facemasks, plus essential precautions.

If the Press continue with their current sensationalism they will scare the public to death!

Man from Havana

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:May 4, 2009
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