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Dream Water Helps with 'Beauty Sleep'.

HOLLYWOOD, Ma. -- Dream Products LLC is diversifying its portfolio with the introduction of Dream Water Plus, its latest multifunctional line designed to enhance users' beauty while at the same time helping them relax and fall sleep.

"Proper sleep is the foundation of any beauty regimen, so we have infused our wildly successful SleepStat Natural Blend with clinically researched beauty ingredients that have been shown to improve skin conditions, reduce eye wrinkles, boost collagen, thicken hair and strengthen nails," a company spokesperson said of the new line. "Based on industry data from the booming consumable beauty aid category and from shopper surveys, consumers are actively looking for effective and trustworthy options to help supplement their beauty regimen," the spokesperson said.

"Simply put, consumers are looking beyond traditional cosmetics, creams and hair care solutions, to achieve beauty from the inside out Moreover, feedback from sleep aid users shows that, if given the opportunity to achieve a secondary benefit beyond a better night's sleep, they would be more likely to purchase that product. Dream Water Beauty addresses these voids in the marketplace by providing consumers with a natural sleep aid that can also help support a healthy beauty regimen."

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Date:Jan 8, 2018
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