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Dream Jump Dubai: When daredevils dream about Princess.

The plunge from 400 metres above sea level is expected to be the highest ever attempted, with the previous record set at 364 metres.

Dubai -- Free-falling from the top of Dubai Marina's tallest residential tower, the spectacular sport of dream jumping will send people zipping down an adrenalin-gushing experience. Turning the city's skyline into a playground, a team of daredevil jumpers will plunge from the 99th floor of the Princess Tower as part of a global dream jump happening for the first time outside Europe.

"Dream Jump Dubai will break all boundaries of rope jumping as we know it and it will enable athletes to experience base jumps ... (in the backdrop of) ... one of the most iconic skylines in the world," said Nasser Al Neyadi, chairman of Skydive Dubai.

What's a dream jump?

> Unlike bungee jumping which involves jumpers bouncing up and down, the dream jump provides jumpers with a longer free-fall and with a landing similar to that of a base jump without 
a parachute.

> The dream jump allows jumpers to have a longer free-fall distance than in a bungee jump and have freedom of movement during a jump to perform different acrobatics.

The plunge from 400 metres above sea level is expected to be the highest ever attempted, with the previous record set at 364 metres.

"There are no schools to teach this sport and it is very different from jumping off a cliff or mountain. The safety of jumpers will be of paramount importance and we will check all minute details to ensure the event's success."

Using multiple zip lines totalling over 10km of rope suspended across Dubai Marina, the jumpers will free-fall in a vertical position.

"A dream jump of this scale and size has never been attempted before. A jump platform measuring eight metres will connect the jumper with more than 10km of zipline connected to different points in Dubai Marina," said Zarir Saifuddin, partner at Never Before Events and founder of Middle East Extreme Sports Expo.

Sponsored by Skydive Dubai, the event will be held between April 13 and 19, allowing professional athletes and a select group of invitees to experience the free-fall lasting over 10 seconds.

"Dream jumps are referred to around the world as bungee jumps without recoil. A dream jump involves jumpers leaping off tall structures while connected to a patented system of dynamic ropes. The end result is a long and safe free-fall from any land mass or tower," said Saifuddin.

The Dream Jump experience may become a permanent tourist attraction if the event proves to be popular with residents and tourists.

"The purpose of this activity is to promote Dubai. We plan to take the jump to Burj Khalifa on a later date, but this year we want to show the world a different side of the emirate," said Al Neyadi.

The jump will allow people to stay in air longer than a bungee jump, which typically lasts only four seconds.

Lukas S., a professional dream jumper, said he couldn't wait to experience the thrill of jumping from the Princess Tower. "Dubai is a beautiful city and it will be a one-of-a-kind experience because the tower is ... vertical and we can perform acrobatic stunts," he said.

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Publication:Khaleej Times (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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Date:Mar 29, 2015
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