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Draxlmaier employees go on strike.

The employees of Draxlmaier of Kavadarci, the largest foreign factory in Macedonia, went on strike in protest against not being paid the bonuses they were promised for working on Eastern weekend.

Despite being reassured by the factory's managers, Draxlmaie's third-shift employees refused to take up their working posts on Monday night.

"Our managers told us we would be paid extra 2,200 denars and would be given a voucher of 1,500 denars for shopping at a local market if we showed up at work on Easter weekend. However, when we received our April salaries yesterday, we realized they did not keep their promise since they gave us only the voucher. Also, they told us we misunderstood our deal since what they promised was merely a voucher and a bonus of 700 denars. How is it possible for 4,000 people to have misunderstood them?" employees told Utrinski vesnik on condition of anonymity.

Draxlmaier's management refused to explain what happened. They merely said an official announcement would be issued once the head office in Germany aired its view.

The employees that Utrinski vesnik talked to also complained about their 20-minute lunch break adding however this grievance was not part of their reasons for going on strike. Utrinski vesnik has also learned that new employees are being hired on a daily basis as those previously taken on quit for being unsatisfied with the working conditions.

Draxlmaier's factory in Kavadarci, which covers 50,000 sq. meters, is a German investment worth more than 50 million euros. It puts out parts for the new model of Mercedes Benz C-Class and hires 4,000 people from Kavadarci, Veles, Negotino, Rosoman, Gradsko and Prilep, paying them salaries of about 9,000 denars on average.
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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:May 14, 2014
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