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Drawing and Painting Activities: Using Masterworks as Inspiration.

Drawing and Painting Activities: Using Masterworks as Inspiration. Kay Alexander, Consultant. Glenview, Illinois: Crystal Productions. (, 2003. Illus., softcover, 64 pp., $16.95.

Adapted from the CLEAR Program (Creative Learning Elementary Art Resources) developed several years ago by Kay Alexander, this book introduces masterworks created by artists from different cultures and backgrounds and encourages students to learn about art history, develop aesthetic perceptions, and evaluate and discriminate between different art forms. With an emphasis on the art production skills of drawing and painting, there are thirty activities for each grade level from kindergarten to eighth-grade. The lessons are defined by concepts, skills, resources, materials, and step-by-step procedures, and are richly illustrated with photographs showing students making art. It's a worthwhile resource for kindergarten through eighth-grade art teachers.
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Author:Katter, Eldon
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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