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Draw will be fantast-ic for Capello boys; RESULT!


FABIO CAPELLO called up Bolton lump Kevin Davies the last time England played Montenegro, which gives you some idea how seriously that match was treated by the boss.

If memory serves, the two line-ups that night consisted only of players with surnames ending in 'ic'.

Mirko Vucinic (below) and Marko Cetkovic etc for Montenegro - Chronic and Toxic etc for England.

It was the failure to beat Montenegro at Wembley that has left England in the pickle they're in now - needing a point tonight to qualify for the Euro 2012 finals, and with two Everton defenders in the squad.

Capello says England won't play for a draw and you have to say that's not in their nature. They normally play for a defeat.

But a draw is the obvious choice because it's an ideal result for both sides.

It would put England through to the finals and leave Montenegro the task of picking up a point in Switzerland next week.

That's hardly a mountain to climb, at least not once you get there.

I'm backing it at 5-2 on the basis that getting a point in Montenegro will be far easier for the England players than pointing it out on a map.

Montenegro are resting three key men with an eye on the Swiss fixture.

You can get 12-5 with Victor Chandler for England to have fewer than five shots on target all game.

Some would call that a speculative wager that relies on England being reduced to speculative shots - I would call it par for the course.


TARGET MAN Davies led the line at Wembley
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Oct 7, 2011
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