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Drama in the Middle Ages: Comparative and Critical Essays, 2d ser.

Drama in the Middle Ages: Comparative and Critical Essays, ser., ed. by Clifford

Davidson and John H. Stroupe, AMS Studies in the Middle Ages, 18 (New York:

AMS Press, 1991). xi + 399 pp. ISBN 0-404-61448-5. $47.50. The twenty-two

essays in this volume are by Joseph R. Jones, on Isidore; Julia Bolton Holloway,

on |The Dream of the Rood' and liturgical drama; George Klawitter, on early

monastic induction ceremonies; Michael L. Norton, on the Visitatio Sepulchri;

James M. Gibson, on the Quem Queritis in Presepe; Gyorgy E. Szonyi, on mediaeval

Hungarian theatre; John P. Cutts, on a newly discovered shepherds' carol; Bruce

Moore, on Dame Sirith and the Interludium de Clerico et Puella; Stephen K. Wright,

on the lost Durham play of Mary and the Poor Knight; Robert Longsworth, on

two Cornish Creation plays; Mary-Jp Arn, on a Durtch play of Abraham and Isaac;

Richard L. Homan, on analogues to the Play of the Sacrament and Dux Moraud;

Marianne G. Briscoe, on clerical notions of dramatic decorum; Lynette R. Muir,

on plays on the Mass; Lawrencc M. Clopper, on Mankind; Milia Riggio, on

Wisdom; Ann Eljenholm Nichols, on costume in morality plays; Barbara D.

Palmer, on the Wakefield cycle; Hans-Jurgen Diller, on staging and the audience;

Ralf Erik Remshardt, on Hans Sachs and Das Narren-Schneyden; Howard B.

Norland, on the French dimension of Johan Johan; and John Cunningham, on

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Date:Sep 22, 1992
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