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Dralion--a celebration of life: the dazzling Cirque du Soleil has recently returned to Australia for the fifth time since it was founded in Canada in 1984.

Bringing with it the spectacular 'Dralion' show, the company's latest offering is a fusion of ancient Chinese circus traditions and the avant-garde approach of Cirque du Soleil.

According to creator and Director, Guy Caron, Dralion is a celebration of life using 4 elements of the universe insuring balance, harmony and infinity: water, earth, air and fire. It's name is drawn from its two main symbols; the dragon, representing the East, and the lion, representing the West. The show pays homage to the centuries old Chinese circus acts and acrobatics which set it apart strongly in theme and style from previous Cirque du Soleil shows that have been to Australia.

Dralion is an extraordinary voyage through a futuristic dimension--a place without time, ruled by magical laws. Featuring a total of 73 artists including a house troupe of around 48 Chinese performers, the production soars to new heights as it defies the laws of nature.

The musical score is engaging as it simultaneously borrows from traditional sources while entering the electro-symphonic realm of a new world.

The many successes of Cirque du Soleil are world renowned. There are 6 permanently theatre based shows currently wowing audiences in Las Vegas and Orlando while a total of 8 shows travel the world in diverse touring environments.

Viewed by over 10 million people in countries all over the globe, Cirque du Soleil is going from strength to strength. There are plans to open 3 new permanently based shows, including the first outside North America, one in Macao, China and the other in Tokyo, Japan.

And while the excitement of Dralien continues to excite audiences here, a sixth production for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas is already being rehearsed featuring the world famous illusionist artist, Chris Angel.

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Title Annotation:CIRQUE DU SOLEIL; Cirque Productions's Dralion show
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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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