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Exploring NASA's quirky places. Mar 9, 2013 586
The -est: farthest supernova. Brief article Dec 29, 2012 121
Curiosity goes to Mars: NASA's rover looks for life-friendly environments. Dec 29, 2012 588
Earth's new neighbor looks familiar: planet discovered in Alpha Centauri, just a few light-years away. Brief article Dec 29, 2012 232
Milky Way will bite dust: eventual collision with Andromeda to shake up the solar system. Brief article Dec 29, 2012 197
Light captured from early stars: high-energy radiation reveals founding stellar generations. Brief article Dec 15, 2012 337
Digging deep into Martian soil. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 102
Onward and sky: with new efforts aimed at the stars, China seeks to revive its astronomical reputation. Dec 1, 2012 3472
Earth-sized planet found in Alpha Centauri: nearest known extrasolar world is 4.4 light-years away. Nov 3, 2012 920
Black hole's veil peeled back to reveal bases of powerful jets: peek at M87 shows promise of new telescope network. Nov 3, 2012 637
Superfast star orbits galaxy center: close encounter with black hole can test general relativity. Nov 3, 2012 368
Prospecting for quasicrystals: Siberian journey nets a mineralogical space oddity. Nov 3, 2012 1884
Voyager 1 still in solar system: scientists wait for craft to reach interstellar space. Brief article Oct 20, 2012 301
Exoplanet pair orbits twin suns: outer orb sits in habitable zone of binary star system. Oct 6, 2012 340
Well-placed orb could host life: planet potentially the first in a newly recognized class. Brief article Oct 6, 2012 304
New direction in hunt for planets: solar chemistry guides a search for rocky orbs. Brief article Oct 6, 2012 280
More milky ways. Brief article Oct 6, 2012 151
Hot planet keeps its water. Brief article Oct 6, 2012 165
Seven Sisters distance. Brief article Oct 6, 2012 187
Galaxy cluster extremely fertile: stars turned out fast thanks to a lazy central black hole. Sep 22, 2012 583
Planetary peekaboo: astronomers aren't playing games when it comes to spotting an exoEarth. Sep 22, 2012 1897
Crowdsourcing looks to heavens: collected online snaps of Comet Holmes determine orbit. Sep 8, 2012 344
Lithium mystery could get deeper: black holes may make a tough problem even tougher. Brief article Sep 8, 2012 298
Safe on Mars, rover begins the search for signs of habitability Curiosity mission will probe planet's warmer, wetter past. Aug 25, 2012 841
Back story: trip advisor. Brief article Aug 25, 2012 194
Hubble spots a fifth Pluto moon: dwarf planet's celestial retinue continues to expand. Brief article Aug 11, 2012 275
Early stars made sight yet unseen: signature could someday be detected by radio telescopes. Aug 11, 2012 403
Comic strip science. Aug 11, 2012 376
Sun's short-term memory. Jul 14, 2012 118
Small telescope, big planet. Brief article Jul 14, 2012 129
Weird and distant planet. Brief article Jul 14, 2012 112
Chasing a cosmic engine: after 100 years, energetic space particles continue to pose a perplexing mystery. Jul 14, 2012 3538
Second planet takes spotlight: astronomers watch Venus pass across face of the sun. Brief article Jun 30, 2012 296
Superflares' trigger a mystery: stellar surface explosions may not need 'hot Jupiters'. Jun 16, 2012 400
Two paths to a supernova. Brief article Jun 16, 2012 181
Earth's beating lasted longer: bombardment persisted over 2 billion years, analysis finds. Jun 2, 2012 401
A star is torn. Brief article Jun 2, 2012 169
Dark matter, where art thou? New study finds dearth of invisible substance in the solar system's neighborhood. May 19, 2012 801
Two planets may shape stellar ring: dust disk around Fomalhaut hints at a pair of 'shepherds'. May 19, 2012 341
Neutrino search comes up empty: gamma-ray bursts elude blame for high-energy cosmic rays. May 19, 2012 352
Rock, rattle and roll: planetary scientists seek to fill in gaps in outer solar system's formative years. Cover story May 5, 2012 2713
Say what? Brief article Apr 21, 2012 115
Life's building blocks can grow close to home: complex organic chemicals may be common near stars. Apr 21, 2012 967
Smallest planet yields surprises: Mercury has complex interior, signs of active geologic past. Apr 21, 2012 426
Titan's hazy veil falls toward surface: lower shroud around Saturn moon suggests seasonal shift. Brief article Apr 21, 2012 302
Vesta: more planet than asteroid: resilient rock is layered, battered, Dawn spacecraft shows. Apr 21, 2012 451
Action on Saturn moon. Brief article Apr 21, 2012 126
Reflected glow lights up past: Visible echoes make sense of explosion from long ago. Apr 7, 2012 341
Lunar lights made by molten blobs: mysterious moon flashes sparked by minimeteorite impacts. Mar 24, 2012 371
Earth-y orb found in habitable zone: size, position make planet promising prospect for life. Brief article Mar 10, 2012 318
Planets common as stars in galaxy: analysis suggests milky way contains 100 billion planets. Feb 25, 2012 398
More like Faux-malhaut b. Brief article Feb 25, 2012 174
Supernova birth illuminated: astronomers pinpoint steps leading to type 1a blowups. Feb 11, 2012 418
New maps of the cosmic dark probing galactic distortions reveals web of invisible matter. Brief article Feb 11, 2012 202
Toasty planets circle stellar heart: once-giant orbs downsized when star ballooned to red giant. Jan 28, 2012 343
First Earth-sized planets netted: Kepler telescope finds two orbs of terrestrial proportions. Jan 14, 2012 382
Behemoth black holes. Brief article Jan 14, 2012 166
A mysterious burst in the universe: gamma-ray excess may have come from collision or merger. Brief article Jan 14, 2012 293
Storm slithers around Saturn. Brief article Dec 31, 2011 148
Extrasolar orb occupies just right spot for life: Planet hunters add more than 1,000 new candidates. Dec 31, 2011 690
Europa's chaotic landscape hints at lakes beneath its icy surface: pools might be good place to hunt for life on Jovian moon. Dec 17, 2011 771
How the moon kept its magnetism: outside forces may have maintained the ancient lunar field. Dec 17, 2011 513
Duck and cover. Brief article Dec 17, 2011 108
Orbiters suggest early Mars water was underground: analysis disputes warm, wet picture of planet's surface. Dec 3, 2011 915
Probe visits a planetary also-ran: asteroid Lutetia is a celestial seed that never germinated. Dec 3, 2011 457
Kinky interstellar molecules. Brief article Dec 3, 2011 113
Venus unveiled: spacecraft finds Earthy features on sister planet. Dec 3, 2011 1350
Black holes offer new cosmic ruler: active galactic nuclei may help measure extreme distances. Nov 19, 2011 533
Mercury's puzzling pits. Brief article Nov 19, 2011 147
Miniplanet sports a megapeak: one of solar system's tallest mountains hides out on Vesta. Nov 5, 2011 328
Saturn rings tell a comet's tale: remnants of a 14th century collision still detectable today. Nov 5, 2011 348
Looped off: removal of top predators trickles through the food web. Nov 5, 2011 2410
Planet hunt finds lots of little ones: odds improve for detecting a plethora of Earthlike orbs. Brief article Oct 22, 2011 291
A shadowed past: understanding of moon's earliest days gets even murkier. Oct 22, 2011 1287
A More Perfect Heaven: How Copernicus Revolutionized the Cosmos. Book review Oct 22, 2011 276
Super-Earths--dense or fluffy: exoplanets of a certain size apparently come in two types. Oct 8, 2011 499
Fertile frontiers: alien-life hunters focus on moons in outer solar system. Oct 8, 2011 2994
Astronomers celebrate as star goes boom in neighborhood: supernova bursts into view in nearby Pinwheel Galaxy. Sep 24, 2011 822
For white dwarfs, Earths for dinner: lots of rocky debris pollutes dead stars' atmospheres. Sep 24, 2011 346
Cells may navigate with trail marks: secreted molecules could help steer cellular migrations. Brief article Sep 10, 2011 223
Plesiosaur fossil hints at live births: fetus remains suggest that ancient reptiles had big babies. Brief article Sep 10, 2011 227
Fruit of the loo. Brief article Sep 10, 2011 110
Leafy beacons beckon bats. Brief article Sep 10, 2011 103
Genes, sightings retrace path of cougar's journey: biologists track cat from the Black Hills to Connecticut. Aug 27, 2011 980
Dolphin can sense electric fields: ability may help species track prey in murky waters. Aug 27, 2011 653
NASA sets sights on Martian crater: rover Curiosity to begin exploring rocky basin in 2012. Brief article Aug 27, 2011 315
The lion eats tonight ... Brief article Aug 13, 2011 158
Iapetus splattered in orbital dustup: black layer is from another Saturn moon's wrong-way motion. Brief article Aug 13, 2011 213
Salve buys time after snakebite: ointment slows venom's progress to vital organs. Jul 30, 2011 407
Brilliant beacon is a quasar too far: light from early universe strains black hole formation theories. Jul 30, 2011 454
Orbiter delivers sharp moon map. Brief article Jul 30, 2011 126
Sulfur stalled surface temperature: coal emissions explain why warming stopped for a decade. Jul 30, 2011 494

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