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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6. (Tools of the Trade).

Dragon Naturally Speaking 6 Professional is the latest version of the award-winning speech-recognition program from Lernout & Hauspie. NaturallySpeaking lets you dictate memos, reports, and letters; enter data on spreadsheets; fill out forms; send e-mail; work on the Web--all with a speech interface. The program also has a text-to-speech function that will read documents and e-mail out loud to you. It integrates with Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, and Lotus Notes and works with virtually all Windows-based applications. You can dictate up to 160 words per minute, and the program has a vocabulary of more than 250,000 standard and business terms. You can add new terms and create or import custom vocabularies. Custom-designed voice commands can be set up as macros for creating documents, inserting boilerplate text, launching applications, filling in forms, or performing complex tasks with a single spoken word or phrase. Version 6 has a number of new features. NBS[TM] (Nothing But Speech) is a tool that filt ers out stray sounds that occur during dictation such as "umms" and "ahs" so these sounds aren't entered as words. There are new modes for spelling, numbers, commands only, and dictation only, which increase accuracy when doing a specific task by voice. The Acoustic Optimizer is a tool that lets the system process and learn from all the data it has collected over time. You can add contact names to the vocabulary from Lotus Notes and Outlook address books. The program also now scans sent e-mail so it can learn the words that you like to use and the way you use them. On the Internet you can navigate by voice in Internet Explorer, and you can move the mouse cursor with spoken commands. Circle No. 50
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Date:Jan 1, 2002
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