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You're twin the army now: How Scottish brothers have been called up to serve in Sweden; Siblings and Tartan Army troopers conscripted to the real army in Sweden. Janet Boyle Jan 10, 2021 530
President Aliyev signs order on military conscription. Dec 23, 2020 320
National Assembly endorses six draft laws. Nov 3, 2020 246
October conscription for active military service ends in Azerbaijan. Oct 31, 2020 293
Clean conscience: South Korea offers alternative to conscription. Oct 26, 2020 751
More than half of Taiwanese support adding women in military draft: Poll. Oct 5, 2020 297
Azerbaijani State Service for Mobilization and Conscription sends hundreds of young volunteers to front. Sep 30, 2020 395
Parents complain to parliament over delays in decision on army deferral. Peter Michael Sep 17, 2020 560
State Service for Mobilization and Conscription to upgrade its unified information system. Sep 11, 2020 195
Jordan orders army conscription for 25-29-year-olds to help tackle unemployment. Daoud Kuttab Sep 9, 2020 739
Egyptian House's majority bloc to introduce draft law on reinstated Senate Sunday. Egypt Today staff Jun 6, 2020 663
Coronavirus: Minister outlines changes in procedure for new conscripts. Peter Michael May 12, 2020 222
Coronavirus: army studying scenarios for 2020 summer conscription. George Psyllides Apr 7, 2020 160
WHO FIGHTS AMERICA'S WARS? New Army recruits are increasingly coming from the same communities in the U.S., deepening the divide between those who serve and those who don't. Philipps, Dave; Arango, Tim Mar 30, 2020 3167
Video reveals terrorist militia's conscription of African workers in Libya. Egypt Today staff Mar 4, 2020 216
Libyan military men draft permanent ceasefire agreement in Geneva. Egypt Today staff Feb 24, 2020 281
Military draft notice sent to disgraced K-pop star Seungri. Feb 4, 2020 197
PBA warns draft dodgers of total ban. Feb 2, 2020 819
U.S. has not reinstated the military draft. Jan 12, 2020 814
U.S. has not reinstated military draft. Bob Oswald Jan 12, 2020 825
US Army Warns Draft Messages Are Fake. Kevin Billings Jan 9, 2020 311
PPP sets up panel to review draft bill on Army Act. Hasan Mansoor Jan 6, 2020 551
Sum for draft evasion in Armenia revealed. Dec 4, 2019 548
Azerbaijani President signs order on conscription. Nov 26, 2019 241
'Shooting game unrelated to conscientious objector's religious conviction'. Nov 24, 2019 514
Future Forward seeks end to mandatory military conscription. Nov 14, 2019 276
US think tank recommends Baltic states introducing two-year conscription. Nov 6, 2019 376
Solon proposes mandatory civil conscription in disaster response. Nov 5, 2019 418
You do not want to serve in the army, then pay! How to solve the conscription problem in Tajikistan? Oct 23, 2019 558
Autumn conscription to call 3,000 people. Sep 23, 2019 103
Prayut orders armed forces to study possibility of voluntary military conscription. Sep 21, 2019 225
Armenia starts early winter conscription due to risk of shortage of soldiers. Sep 20, 2019 745
Four Military Conscripts Imprisoned for Refusal to Obey Orders. Sep 11, 2019 196
Emomali Rahmon signed a decree on the autumn draft in the ranks of the national army. Sep 4, 2019 347
Emomali Rahmon signs decree on autumn conscription. Sep 4, 2019 317
Emomali Rahmon signs decree on autumn conscription. Sep 4, 2019 357
Kenitra And Agadir Receive First Regiment Of Military Service Conscripts. Aug 20, 2019 450
Eritrea: Conscription System’s Toll on Education. Aug 9, 2019 916
Armenian soldiers continue to die in non-combat conditions. Aug 2, 2019 684
Autumn conscription to call 10,000 people. Jul 30, 2019 123
Israel Returns to Elections as Netanyahu Fails to Form Coalition. May 30, 2019 918
Breaking the Silence. May 1, 2019 475
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye; Conscription returned to Britain 80 years ago as the threat of war loomed. MARION MCMULLEN looks at the measures taken to get Britain's men prepared for combat. Apr 21, 2019 848
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye; Conscription returned to Britain 80 years ago, as the threat of war loomed. MARION MCMULLEN looks at the measures taken to get Britain's men prepared for combat. Apr 20, 2019 844
IT WAS time to kiss [...]; Conscription returned to Britain 80 years ago as the threat of war loomed. MARION MCMULLEN looks at the measures taken to get Britain's men prepared for combat. Apr 20, 2019 782
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye; Conscription returned to Britain 80 years ago as the threat of war loomed. MARION MCMULLEN looks at the measures taken to get Britain's men prepared for combat. Apr 18, 2019 847
Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye; Conscription returned to Britain 80 years ago as the threat of war loomed. MARION MCMULLEN looks at the measures taken to get Britain's men prepared for combat. Apr 17, 2019 846
Wish me luck as you have me goodbye; Conscription returned to Britain 80 years ago as the threat of war loomed. MARION MCMULLEN looks at the measures taken to get Britain's men prepared for combat. Apr 16, 2019 848
WISH ME LUCK AS YOU WAVE ME GOODBYE; Conscription returned to Britain 80 years ago as the threat of war loomed. MARION MCMULLEN looks at the measures taken to get Britain's men prepared for combat. Apr 15, 2019 848
Praying to avoid Thai military draft. Apr 11, 2019 441
Praying to avoid Thai military draft. Apr 11, 2019 441
Yes, The Military Draft Should Include Women. Feb 28, 2019 278
Investing in Army is important, says Prayut. Feb 28, 2019 583
Prime Minister signs decree on military draft and alternative service. Feb 27, 2019 257
We've Got Good News... Walker, Jesse Dec 1, 2018 1015
Hundreds of conscripts report for service at al-Nabek drafting center every day. Nov 30, 2018 178
He was the youngest Allied soldier to die in the war and he joined up voluntarily there was no conscription. Nov 10, 2018 1101
He was the youngest Allied soldier to die in the war and he joined up voluntarily there was no conscription; THE IRISHMEN who gave their lives 100yrs ago. Nov 10, 2018 1111
McCain's integrity proved contrast to 'draft-dodging' Trump. Aug 30, 2018 651
Britain should follow Europe and bring back conscription. Aug 20, 2018 898
Majlis mulls killing the draft. Aug 17, 2018 214
The fate of those who refused to fight for king and country; During World War I, men who felt they should be exempt from the draft due to poor health, potential damage to their business, family hardship or a conscientious objection had to apply to a tribunal, which would decide whether or not they should be conscripted. Marcus Hughes looks back at some local cases. Jul 26, 2018 1000
For Syrian refugees, fear of conscription prevents return home. Jun 29, 2018 767
Donald Trump says he'll grant Muhammad Ali a posthumous pardon - but boxing legend doesn't need one; The United States president seems unaware that the supreme court overturned Ali's draft-evasion conviction in 1971. Jun 8, 2018 355
The Council of Ministers directs the Commission to deal transparently with the appeals and to vote on the draft law on military industrialization. May 15, 2018 291
The military draft and the ERA. May 14, 2018 1874
Volunteers needed for Selective Service positions. May 12, 2018 381
Serve your local community and your Nation at the same time! Apr 20, 2018 412
Upper call-up age limit raised to 50; Middle-aged men face Army conscription. Apr 13, 2018 397
Ex-child soldier gets two years in prison for telling of forced conscription. Mar 28, 2018 521
Israeli Draft Dodgers Given Rare Opportunity to Visit Without Penalty. Mar 20, 2018 146
Ultra-Orthodox conscription threatens to topple Israeli government. Mar 4, 2018 1053
Confusion galore around Macron's conscription plans. Feb 26, 2018 803
Naturalized men may face conscription. Feb 13, 2018 436
Saudi Shura opposes military conscription. Feb 12, 2018 455
PBA gets ready to open doors for unlimited conscription. Jan 28, 2018 251
On floor of Senate, Duckworth calls out Trump as 'five-deferment draft dodger'. Jan 22, 2018 343
Should the U.S. Bring Back the Draft? Laich, Dennis; Paul, Ron Jan 8, 2018 1947
Kuwaiti military official touts merits of conscription. Jan 6, 2018 203
The Unheard Story: The Ultra-Orthodox Who Leave Everything to Join the IDF. Jan 2, 2018 899
The Courage of His Convictions. Doyle, Brian Essay Nov 1, 2017 985
'Draft Men' & the Battle of the Scarpe, 1918: "Act with the utmost boldness and resolution". Dennis, Patrick M. Excerpt Nov 1, 2017 1292
McCain raps Trump's posh 'draft dodge'. Oct 24, 2017 133
Distinguished hero survived two wars, and was finally buried at sea; Having already fought in the Boer War but too old for conscription in the First World War, Herbert Watson was able to sign up regardless. But neither war killed him. Instead, he met his end while on a cruise holiday in Gibraltar, as researcher Ceri Stennett reports... Sep 27, 2017 667
No future in conscription; Letters. Aug 21, 2017 154
Daesh enforces compulsory conscription in Deir Ezzor. Aug 4, 2017 106
Is Donald Trump A Draft Dodger For Avoiding Vietnam War? Jul 26, 2017 418
Kuwait warns of punitive measures over conscription failure. Jul 10, 2017 293
Draft dodging falls but loopholes remain, minister warns. Jul 3, 2017 405
Democrats prepare draft law on military deterrence of Russia. Jun 23, 2017 443
Army was not ready for conscription when he was DM - His Highness PM. May 15, 2017 221
Estonia plans civilian service for young people unfit for conscription. Apr 20, 2017 203
Should women have to register for the draft? Speier, Jackie; Donnelly, Elaine Apr 3, 2017 1506
Analyzing authors' claims. Brief article Apr 3, 2017 252
Putin Orders Another Military Draft. Mar 30, 2017 345
Courtroom wars: Pennsylvania judges and popular constitutional discourse in the Civil War North. Mosvick, Nicholas Mar 22, 2017 28016
Conscription in Sweden to be reintroduced. Mar 3, 2017 347
Sweden Returns Conscription Amid Security Fears. Mar 2, 2017 492
Lithuanian PM wants universal conscription introduced. Jan 12, 2017 136
Research Note: Conscription and conscientious objectors in North America during World War I. Eberle, Donald Essay Jan 1, 2017 8010
Will Saudi Arabia implement conscription? Nov 17, 2016 1039
Tensions ran high in the city between those for and against conscription laws. Nov 2, 2016 1019
A study of exertional headache's prevalence and characteristics among conscripts. Tofangchiha, Shahnaz; Rabiee, Behnam; Mehrabi, Farzad Clinical report Sep 1, 2016 2459
Orthodox Jews protest Israel's military New Jersey. Aug 15, 2016 299
Bulgarian Parliament Committee Rejects Motion to Reintroduce Military Draft. Jul 22, 2016 157
Daash To Impose Conscription. Execute 14 People In Nineveh. Jul 18, 2016 149
Feminists weigh in on draft registration for women. Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Jul 1, 2016 1621
"The facts about nonresistance among the Mennonites of America": Challenges of quantifying U.S. Mennonite responses to military conscription during World War II. Nolt, Steven M.; Schlabach, Theron F. Report Jul 1, 2016 6507
Some 50,000 applications to enlist into army filed to Ministry of Defence since launch of 2nd phase of exceptional conscription. Jun 23, 2016 217
New attempt to cut down on draft dodging. Jun 6, 2016 153
House Committee votes to require women to register for draft. May 23, 2016 331
Defence ministry plans to close 'draft dodge' loopholes with new bill. May 8, 2016 240
Latvian politicians, wary of costs, shy away from return to military conscription. Apr 7, 2016 346
Conscription in 2016. Apr 7, 2016 163
UAE's youngest minister praises women conscripts. Mar 8, 2016 432
Relief and frustration greets cut in army service. Feb 28, 2016 1199
US to present draft resolution on North Korea at UN Security Council. Feb 25, 2016 158
Our View: New plan to curb draft dodging is discriminatory and punitive. Feb 6, 2016 450
End draft registration. Feb 5, 2016 497
Dunlin Gold LLC. Slaten, Russ Feb 1, 2016 122
Longer alternative service for 'mentally unfit' conscripts. Jan 28, 2016 432
With few men left in Syria, women run the show. Jan 22, 2016 954
Sweden Considers Military Conscription. Jan 14, 2016 384
Military reforms, starting with colonels. Jan 12, 2016 769
The Alberta Press on Ukrainians in Canada during World War II: two case studies. Cipko, Serge Case study Dec 22, 2015 9556
Americas all volunteer force: a success? Yuengert, Louis G. Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 6403
Equalize the draft. Oct 22, 2015 563
Disabled man fined for draft dodging. Aug 19, 2015 312
Rifi reveals draft law limiting Military Tribunal powers. Aug 8, 2015 786
SYRIA - Jul 27 - Assad: Syrian Army Fatigued But Will Prevail. Aug 1, 2015 711
Dar Al-Ifta condemns Brotherhood leader's calls to 'escape military draft'. Jul 6, 2015 741
Military brothers: eleven brothers in one family choose military careers, three choose AF. Roughton, Randy Jul 1, 2015 1297
LIBYA - June 9 - 'Positive' Draft Agreement For Warring Libyan Factions. Jun 12, 2015 678
Fairer treatment is curbing draft dodging, says minister. Jun 4, 2015 253
Pro-regime Syrians back army but dodge draft. Apr 20, 2015 694
Medical tests for Etihad staff joining conscription. Apr 18, 2015 271
Lawmakers OK military conscription law. Mar 24, 2015 249
Draft law subordinates military justice to gov't control, columnist says. Jan 14, 2015 502
'Heroes' who made their case by not taking up arms; The conscientious objectors who refused to fight in World War One could, according to some observers, be seen as heroes, as Martin Shipton discovers. Jan 7, 2015 875
Catholics need not apply? A case for anti-Catholic bias in the selection of AIF officers. Wilson, Graham Jan 1, 2015 5184
Draft former Armed Forces medics on to front line of the NHS, advises Plaid. Dec 30, 2014 105
Die Nebeltruppe. Hatfield, Egon R. Dec 22, 2014 2402
Council of CIS Defense Ministers discuss draft concept of military cooperation in Moscow. Nov 12, 2014 155
South Korean court-martial jails soldiers in hazing death case. Oct 30, 2014 429
Military law enforced in North Sinai. Oct 26, 2014 540
Draft duty extended as too few recruits available. Oct 24, 2014 503
HM the King chairs in Rabat Council of Ministers. Oct 14, 2014 668
Marzouki visits Directorate General of Conscription and Mobilisation. Sep 17, 2014 117
Jumblatt urges Cabinet to reinstate draft. Sep 16, 2014 766
Miteb: Conscription not on the agenda. Aug 15, 2014 271
Students urged to take conscription seriously. Aug 10, 2014 303
Arabs around Persian Gulf fear US will soon align itself with Iran! Aug 8, 2014 909
Military hazing attracts attention and denials in Tajikistan. Jun 24, 2014 812
Watchdog report: 653 conscripts subjected to ill treatment, 36 suspicious deaths. Jun 17, 2014 610
Some categories exempted from military service. Jun 9, 2014 508
Reports of children in S. Sudan facing forced conscription, rape. May 4, 2014 734
Israeli Police Arrest 3 Students in Anti-conscription Demonstration in Jerusalem. Apr 29, 2014 111
Spring military conscription campaign starts in Kazakhstan. Apr 1, 2014 121
FNC passes military service bill. Mar 27, 2014 445
FNC endorses federal draft law on compulsory military service. Mar 26, 2014 240
Military service draft law debated in camera. Mar 26, 2014 763
FNC to debate military service draft law. Mar 23, 2014 580
The moral vision of a blind economist: Walter Oi: 1929-2013. Henderson, David R. In memoriam Mar 22, 2014 3270
L'embrigadement du passe canadien : les politiques memorielles du gouvernement Harper. Frenette, Yves Report Mar 22, 2014 7988
Conscripting Canada's past: the Harper government and the politics of memory. Frenette, Yves Report Mar 22, 2014 7652
Five Egyptian soldiers killed in militant attack on military checkpoint. Mar 15, 2014 299
Tajik president signs decree on spring conscription. Mar 14, 2014 122
TV show gives UAE youths a look at military life -- and they like it.... Mar 10, 2014 547
Hundreds of Thousands Protest Ultra-Orthodox IDF Conscription. Kra-Oz, Tal Mar 3, 2014 303
'I needed the cash to avoid army draft': Syrian held for bouncing cheques. Feb 8, 2014 282
Thousands of Ultra-Orthodox Riot After Arrest of Hareidi Draft Dodger. Feb 7, 2014 672
Conscription is not the answer either: Andrew Bacevich's powerful critique of U.S. foreign policy backs the wrong remedy. Gregory, Anthony Book review Feb 1, 2014 1148
FNC hails army conscription. Jan 21, 2014 407
Birth dearth means military is having trouble filling ranks. Jan 10, 2014 732
Universal conscription as technology policy: in a world where battles are increasingly fought by robotic vehicles and computer malware, national security may not be well-served by a small, culturally homogeneous military. Is it time to bring back the draft? Allenby, Brad; Hagerott, Mark Jan 1, 2014 4289
Will Myanmar's constitution be smoothly changed? Dec 5, 2013 1086
Egypt draft constitution boosts army as talks drag on. Nov 30, 2013 792
Draft Egypt constitution strengthens army. Nov 29, 2013 726
Draft Egypt constitution strengthens army as talks drag on. Nov 28, 2013 794
Armenian DM sees no need for changing conscription age in Armenia. Nov 27, 2013 118
Ministries to go after military service evaders. Oct 24, 2013 324
Turkish army chief says no plans to abolish forced conscription. Oct 11, 2013 398
Minister: The autumn drafting in the army was transferred from the end of December to February in Armenia. Sep 18, 2013 276
Bulgaria's Newest Politician Mulls Mandatory Army Draft. Sep 16, 2013 300
MPs looking at ways to cut draft dodging. Sep 14, 2013 438
Our View: No government has yet kept its promise to reduce the draft. Aug 29, 2013 470
Turkey, Taiwan and soldiers' rights. Aug 27, 2013 969
Guardians of the nation. Aug 13, 2013 2629
Return to pre-revolution setting in Egypt. Jul 19, 2013 768
Army draft begins. Jul 8, 2013 104
Israel curbs its conscription exemptions: draft law puts the squeeze on Torah troops. Jul 7, 2013 208
A fair and open field: the responses of black New Yorkers to the Draft Riots. McGruder, Kevin Essay Jul 1, 2013 8981
Army Medical Department leaders and the law. Topinka, Joseph B. Jul 1, 2013 14506
Norway Introduces Compulsory Military Service for Women. Jun 16, 2013 496
How you can dodge the 'draft; Cut costs of being overdrawn. Jun 9, 2013 773
How you can dodge the 'draft; Cut costs of being overdrawn. Jun 9, 2013 830
In Arab Israel, a battle over Christian conscription. Jun 1, 2013 941
'The Catonsville Nine' righting distortion: inattention to accuracy and similar actions distorts the history of the era. Mische, George Viewpoint essay May 10, 2013 2097
Our men flocked to fight for King and country; SHARE YOUR MEMORIES OF BRUM Email or write to Letters Editor, Bpm Media, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham, B24 9FF. Letter to the editor May 4, 2013 1409
Parliamentary Interior, defense cmte discusses issue of conscription. Apr 28, 2013 156
Media Source Rejects News about Issuing General Call for Conscription in Syria. Mar 13, 2013 582
Let it go. Mar 5, 2013 548
Could Military Draft Registration In The United States Come To An End? Feb 25, 2013 528
Zoabi: Army Draft for Arabs? Prepare the Prisons. Feb 19, 2013 707
Army denied allegation referred in Channel 4: Suggest might have occurred due to unlawful acts by LTTE. Feb 16, 2013 921
Antoniadou suggests solution to army draft. Feb 9, 2013 300
Forget defence, Austria needs army to prep ski races. Feb 5, 2013 265
The evolution of military conscription in the United States. Perri, Timothy J. Essay Jan 1, 2013 5174
Australian Irish Catholics and Britishness: the problem of British "loyalty" and "identity" from the conscription crisis to the end of the Anglo-Irish war. Meaney, Neville Essay Jan 1, 2013 7673
'Conscription is not abhorrent to laborites and socialists': revisiting the Australian labour movement's attitude towards military conscription during World War I. Dyrenfurth, Nick Nov 1, 2012 11047
Following a Protracted Affair, IDF to Draft Ultra-Orthodox Jews Starting Next Summer. Chandler, Adam Brief article Oct 15, 2012 114
The wars they are a-changin'. Graham, Ruth Sep 1, 2012 540
Arabs in Israel: No Service? Green, David B. Jun 13, 2012 1446
Transformation of the German armed forces after the end of the cold war/Transformace nemeckych ozbrojenych sil po konci studene valky. Kucera, Tomas Dec 15, 2011 8766
The loyal draft dodger? A reexamination of confederate substitution. Sacher, John Report Jun 1, 2011 10930
End of draft hits German charities: new program seeks to motivate volunteerism that's no longer compulsory. Hockenos, Paul Mar 4, 2011 796
40 year draftee. Lopez, C. Todd Interview May 1, 2010 3332
Port sets criteria for executive director search. Hiegler, Tristan Conference news May 1, 2010 215
Ben Salmon: Catholic conscientious objector of the great war. Parachin, Victor Apr 1, 2010 1981
From "porous" to "ruthless" conscription, 1776-1917. Henderson, David R. Report Mar 22, 2010 5223
The Russian soldier today. Savic, Iva Mar 22, 2010 4470
Should high school players be eligible for the N.B.A. draft? The National Basketball Association requires draft picks to be at least 19 and a year out of high school. Mar 10, 2010 616
Should the U.S. reinstate the draft? The U.S. has retied on a volunteer army since 1973. With Americans fighting, and dying, in Afghanistan and Iraq, is it time to bring back the draft? Finelli, Mark; Paul, Ron Feb 7, 2010 617
When the Dodgers put together the greatest draft in baseball: forty years ago, Los Angeles selected future major leaguers Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Bill Buckner and Davey Lopes. Singer, Tom Sep 1, 2008 1052
The tests of flexibility of the bank of wells and the extension of skin realized in young in the process of obligator conscription had demonstrated that the physical activity does not influence in muscular flexibility/Os testes de flexibilidade do banco de wells realizados em jovens no processo de recrutamento obrigatorio demonstraram que a atividade fisica nao influencia na flexibilidade muscular. Corbetta, Angelica Rui; Corbetta, Leonardo Rui; Freiberger, Kleber Roque; Maciel, Vanessa Cristina; Jul 1, 2008 2628
UAE: Ministry of Economy completes draft federal law on arbitration. Feb 3, 2008 685
Feeling a draft? The question of reviving military conscription in the U.S. recently made a fleeting reappearance in the American national debate, with curiously little reaction. Pfaff, William Sep 10, 2007 759
Vast Majority of Americans Opposed to Reinstituting Military Draft; Fewer than one in five favor return to the draft. Jeffrey M. Jones Survey Sep 7, 2007 679
"A very disagreeable business": confederate conscription in Louisiana. Sacher, John M. Jun 1, 2007 12989
Which poor man's fight? Immigrants and the federal conscription of 1863. Anbinder, Tyler Dec 1, 2006 12878
"We are alienating the splendid Irish race": British Catholic response to the Irish conscription controversy of 1918. Taouk, Youssef Jun 22, 2006 10189
EP PREPARING FOR JUNE SUMMIT. Brief article May 5, 2006 120
Class warriors. Peters, Charles Brief article May 1, 2006 204
'Busting' the anti-conscription legend. Sammut. Jeremy Dec 1, 2005 10171
IRAQ - Oct 12 - A Deal Heralds Bigger Role For Sunni. Oct 16, 2005 595
A return to the draft? A survey of recent articles. Sep 22, 2005 1105
Good thing Grover Norquist wasn't around. Peters, Charles Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 144
Draft dialectic underway. Jul 25, 2005 497
Industry groups question plan for GSA's reorganization. Brief Article Jun 24, 2005 258
Get ready for the draft: with recruitment bottoming out and U.S. military commitments expanding overseas, a return to conscription looms on the horizon. Grigg, William Norman May 30, 2005 1696
Oxley's home state asks Congress to pass on federal standards. Postal, Arthur D.; Brady, Matt May 16, 2005 601
Another portent of draft revival. Apr 4, 2005 301
A penny for their thoughts: draft resistance at the Poston Relocation Center. Muller, Eric L. Mar 22, 2005 21502
The case for the draft: America can remain the world's superpower. Or it can maintain its current all-volunteer military. It can't do both. Glastris, Paul Cover Story Mar 1, 2005 5642
Obliged to add troops, army agonizes over costs. Erwin, Sandra I. Dec 1, 2004 1011
A step back from a draft. Nov 1, 2004 366
Eclipsed. Greider, William Column Oct 4, 2004 1111
Military myths. Sep 22, 2004 342
Uncle Sam may draft employees. Sep 1, 2004 489
First signs of draft renewal? Jul 26, 2004 360
The conscription crisis, part III a Canadian tragedy ... Twatio, Bill Jul 1, 2004 1628
The return of the draft? Swomley, John Jul 1, 2004 745
Do you feel a draft? Pollitt, Katha Column Jun 7, 2004 1008
Momentum builds for drafting women. Brief Article May 31, 2004 271
Dick's Vietnam hypocrisy. Nichols, John May 17, 2004 1029
The conscription crisis: the threat of the military service act and prohibition hang over a divided Canada. Twatio, Bill May 1, 2004 1668
Overextended military spurs debate on draft. Feuerherd, Joe Apr 23, 2004 905
"Special skills draft" in the offing? Brief Article Apr 5, 2004 109
Should the draft be reinstated? Since ending the draft in 1973, the U.S. has had an all-volunteer military. Now, a bill in Congress proposes bringing back the draft. Kirk, Mark Apr 5, 2004 531
The wide world of sports is getting wider: a look at drafting foreign players into U.S. professional sports. Morrow, Heather E. Mar 22, 2004 20625
SysOpen Plc signs EUR2.5m contract with Finnish military. Brief Article Aug 4, 2003 127
Sweden considers introducing conscription for women. Brief Article Jun 27, 2003 101
Draft board a place for pacifists, Catholic says. . Martinez, Demetria Cover Story Mar 28, 2003 414
Early documentation is key to conscientious objector status. (Cover Story). Martinez, Demetria Mar 21, 2003 993
Conscription returns to public discussion. Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Mar 21, 2003 825
First draft: the battle to create universal national service has just started Here's how it can be won. Glastris, Paul Mar 1, 2003 2361
Do draft, do tell: sociologist Charles Moskos, architect of "don't ask, don't tell," says the policy should be abandoned if the draft is reinstated. (Behind the Headlines). Dahir, Mubarak Feb 18, 2003 650
Responding to terrorism: conscription is not the answer. (National Affairs). Bandow, Doug Column Jan 1, 2003 3746
Suddenly serviceable: is this the moment for national service? (Gazette). Just, Richard Jan 1, 2002 1625

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