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Draft Changes to Doctrinal Publications.

Another addition to our web site this month is seven draft changes to doctrinal publications supporting the 4th Infantry Division and the Division Capstone Exercise. Each draft change document addresses tactical operations conducted in a Force XXI (FXXI) digital environment. They serve as guides for FXXI engineers who use digital systems to plan, coordinate, and conduct digitized engineer operations. The draft change documents posted to and listed below are not stand-alone manuals (except for FM 5-105, Topographic Operations).

* C1, FM 5-71-100, Division Engineer Combat Operations (Digital -- CD)

* C1, FM 5-100-15, Corps Engineer Operations (Digital -- CD)

* C2, FM 5-71 -3, Brigade Engineer Combat Operations (Armored) (Digital -- CD)

* C2, FM 5-71-2, Armored Task-Force Engineer Combat Operations (Digital -- CD)

* C1, FM 5-10, Combat Engineer Platoon (Digital -- CD)

* C2, FM 5-170, Engineer Reconnaissance (Digital -- CD)

* FM 5-105, Topographic Operations

POC is MAJ Ron Zimmerman, (573) 596-0131, ext 3-7332.
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Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
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Date:Apr 1, 2000
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