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Dr. Wright's Guide to Healing Nutrition.

Medical science has produced an avalanche of literature in which procedures, not necessarily cures, are recorded for reference purposes. Alert physicians consult them frequently. Dr. Wright's contribution to healing with nutrients can provide a valuable handbook for those following the path of natural healing.

The book is bursting with ideas, some of them tested in his practice, others gleaned from literature researched. Dr. Wright seems convinced that the nutritional approach to medicine can alleviate and possibly cure, heart problems, degenerative diseases, and allergy disorders.

Thinning hair could be caused by a vitamin B deficiency; ear infection sometimes are allergic reactions -- treat them with designated vitamins instead of drugs, he advocates.

Dr. Wright's approach to nutritional therapy is not based simply on a regimen of vitamin and mineral supplements and well balanced diets. In dealing with organ malfunction, his aim is to research the patient's range of deficiencies. Indigestion, for example, can involve more than the problem of low hydrochloric acid content in the stomach; this in Wright's opinion is probably only a symptom of other incipient disorders.

The book's 585 pages range over many ailments, symptoms, and recurring eruptions. If all of the author's suggested remedies do not meet strict scientific rules, their suggested remedies are usually unthreatening and worthy of cautious investigation.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
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Date:Sep 22, 1991
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