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Dr. Ronald Hoffman Warns Against Several Popular Supplements.

New York, NY, June 07, 2014 --( Pioneering complimentary medicine practitioner Dr. Ronald Hoffman, Director of Manhattan's prestigious Hoffman Center, has released an important article entitled, “The 12 Supplements You Should NEVER Take.” Supplement use is widely popular and generally effective for maintaining and improving health and wellness. But with supplements governed by different rules than the strict guidelines in place for pharmaceuticals, how can one know which of these natural cures are truly helpful and which are not? In this article, Dr. Hoffman details the supplements that are ineffective - or even harmful - and suggests healthy alternatives.

Dr. Hoffman makes an important distinction between the nutrients we need and the ways in which we get them. For example, Coral calcium and Vitamin D2 both make his list, not because we don't need calcium or vitamin D, but because these two forms of the supplements in particular are not efficient at actually providing them.

Dr. Hoffman explains that, “there's a romantic aura about sea coral as a natural source of calcium. The truth is that it's just calcium carbonate, the cheapest and least absorbable form. Also, harvested calcium is likely to contain high levels of contaminants such as lead.” Dr. Hoffman suggests that people looking to add more calcium to their diet try calcium citrate instead.

As for vitamin D, Dr. Hoffman argues that D2 is significantly less effective than the less-common vitamin D3, although it is much more widely prescribed. Hoffman says, “Studies now confirm that D2 is only about 60 percent as bioavailable as D3; moreover, it's been theorized that excess D2 may cancel out D3's benefits. Vitamin D2 should not be regarded as a nutrient suitable for supplementation or fortification, yet it continues to be sold.”

Dr. Hoffman is also critical of single-pill daily multivitamins for not providing nearly enough of each nutrient, warning that, “There's a price point to match, so only the cheapest, mass-produced, synthetic raw materials are used. Then, artificial colorings, binders and excipients are added, and shiny waxes are applied to polish the pill surfaces… Opt for a higher-quality multi that may require four or even six pills to deliver a more complete blend of high-quality, full-spectrum, natural, bioavailable nutrients.”

Hoffman also details the nutrients that are more effectively derived through diet than supplementation, such as potassium, certain fatty acids and caffeine. He advises against caffeine pills, reminding users that “there's plenty of caffeine in coffee or tea, and you get beneficial polyphenol compounds via nature's natural delivery systems.”

Furthermore, Dr. Hoffman warns against the use of “intestinal cleanse,” “gluten-aid” products that purport to ease digestion of gluten but can pose a danger to those with celiac disease, raspberry ketones (so-called “fat burners in a bottle”), and Human Growth Hormone enhancers.

For his take on the danger of these medications, and more on those mentioned above, see the full article at his website.

For more tips about health and wellness from Dr. Hoffman and his complementary contemporaries, visit his website at For more comprehensive services, you can also make an appointment at the Hoffman Center (212-779-1744), or visit the Hoffman Center Store online.

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Date:Jun 7, 2014
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