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Dr. Ho: A leader in drug-free pain relief.

MARKHAM, Ontario -- Dr. Ho's Health and Wellness Co. has been a leader in technology-based medical device products in Canada for drug-free pain relief.

In Canada, Dr. Ho's products are sold in all food, drug and mass stores, including Walmart, Costco, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Lawtons, Pharmasave and Jean Coutu.

Currently the market leader in consumer health in Canada, Dr. Ho is looking to expand into the United States and is already pursuing that strategy. In October 2018, the company began a national advertising campaign in the U.S. to promote its Circulation Promoter, which is designed to improve circulation from the feet upward by increasing blood flow and stimulating muscles. The company's top-selling product, Circulation Promoter, is part of the supplier's Pain Therapy line of clinically proven, Food and Drug Administration-cleared, drug-free at-home pain-relief devices.

According to Vincent Ho, the company's president, the strategy is to build brand awareness in the U.S. by demonstrating to American retailers that the company can duplicate here the success that Circulation Promoter has had in Canada. "We have a proven history of success that we want to bring to the U.S., " Ho says.

To support its marketing efforts, the company has a national marketing budget of more than $10 million, which is driving consumer demand for Circulation Promoter via television, online and print advertising.

The company's product lines were developed by Dr. Michael Ho, a chiropractic and acupuncture doctor with a special interest in treating patients with painful conditions relating to muscles, joints and nerves. Ho is also an engineering enthusiast who pays close attention to exercise physiology, human body mechanics and the ill effects that bad ergonomics have on muscle, nerve and joint-related pain. Based on his education, clinical experience in treating his patients over the years, and his understanding of what his patients' needs are, he has developed a line of self-care products that are effective for relieving pain and in helping to restore one's health. For more than 30 years, he has helped millions of people around the world live a happier, more active life with less pain.

The Pain Therapy system, according to Vincent Ho, is designed to help relieve chronic and intractable pain, pain from arthritis, and general pain in all parts of the body, including the neck and feet.

What makes Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter unique, according to Vincent Ho, is that it is a combination TENS and EMS unit that is in turn combined with the company's own proprietary AMP (Auto Modulated Pain) technology, to optimize pain relief and improve recovery time from injury. AMP technology causes all frequencies and wavelengths to auto modulate to prevent habituation and improve pain relief outcomes.

Another important aspect of Dr. Ho's product lines, according to Vincent Ho, is that they offer a drug-free solution for pain relief at a time when opioid addiction is increasingly becoming a serious problem. "You don't need to rely on popping a pill anymore, " Ho says, adding that when it comes to raising awareness of drug-free pain relief solutions, "we all have a responsibility to be part of the solution. "

Dr. Ho's Health and Wellness Co.

145 Anderson Ave. Markham, Ontario L6E 1A4 Canada

Key contact: Vincent Ho, President


Phone: (877) 374-6669

Primary business: HEALTH CARE Pain relief products

Total Store Expo booth #1511

Caption: Vincent Ho
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