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Dr. Andrew Weil Recommends Natural Vitamin E Taken Daily as Dietary Supplement, Antioxidant.

WASHINGTON -- One of America's most popular authorities on healthy eating says in a new book that he recommends daily dietary supplements of Vitamin E -- "of a natural form."

Dr. Andrew Weil, noted author, advises in "The Healthy Kitchen" that his readers eat a diet high in fresh foods with "plenty of fruits and vegetables," which he says will provide most needed micronutrients, and adds:

"I recommend supplementing the diet with the following -- Vitamin E, 400 to 800 IU (international units) of a natural form."

Natural Vitamin E, made from soybeans, is considered preferable to synthetic versions, usually manufactured from petroleum products, according to researchers.

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, for example, regularly point out that natural Vitamin E is more efficient in providing antioxidant protection than is synthetic Vitamin E.

"Studies indicate that 400 to 800 international units a day (of Vitamin E) gives maximum antioxidant protection," Dr. Weil writes. "To get that amount from food, you would have to eat a pound or so of nuts and seeds, taking in much too much fat in the bargain. My multivitamin provides 400 IU of the natural form of Vitamin E, which I prefer."

Natural Vitamin E is identified on labels as "d alpha tocopherol." Synthetic is called "dl alpha tocopherol." Dr. Weil pays attention to the difference.


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Date:May 7, 2002
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