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Dr Schar brings Europe's favourite gluten-free brand to the UK market.

Dr Schar has announced the launch of Schar, Europe's number 1 gluten-free brand, to the UK market in September 2015. The Schar range will boost gluten free options for UK retailers with nine NPD offerings that will sit alongside the other 27 products from the rebrand of DS-gluten frees existing lines.


The Schar range will be available in all major supermarkets across the UK. The NPD includes delicious Italian frozen meal solutions, an indulgent caramel Chocolix bar, and oat-based Breakfast Bakes, a range designed to cater for all occasions.

Schar replaces Dr Schar's existing DS-gluten free brand and will be supported with significant marketing investment in an extensive, national above and below the line campaign. The bespoke creative, which has an emphasis on social inclusion, includes a new logo and tagline: 'Europe's favourite in gluten free'. This will be launched for the first time at the Allergy Show in July and rolled out in print, outdoor, in store, online and via social media channels.

With an impressive 55 per cent market share in Germany alone more people choose Schar across Europe than any other gluten-free brand. For decades, the Dr. Schar business has been developing a delicious range of gluten-free products and services many of which will be available in the UK from September.

The UK market is worth 211.5m [pounds sterling], growing by 34 per cent year on year and Bradley Grimshaw, Commercial Director of Dr Schar UK believes Schar will be a key driver of future growth. He comments: "Schar is dedicated to improving the lives of those living gluten free and we are delighted to be introducing the brand to the UK. As Europe's favourite gluten free brand, we know that Schar will delight new shoppers to the category as well as loyal DS-gluten free consumers, introducing them to a range of gluten-free products that up until now have not been available on UK shelves. The Dr. Schar business is a pioneer in gluten-free, with decades of experience and our 20-strong R&D specialists are committed to developing new solutions that meet the needs and desires of our gluten-free customers."


The increased diagnosis of coeliac disease in recenttimescombined with improving awareness of non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, and an influx of people who adopt a gluten-free diet as a lifestyle choice are all significant contributors to the category's growth, an area of particular interest to Professor David Sanders, Consultant Gastroenterologist and co-founder of the Sheffield Institute of Gluten-Related Disorders. He comments: "A recent survey by our group found a self-reported prevalence of non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) of 13% amongst a sample of the UK's general population. However, it is only in the last few years that the wider medical community has started to recognise that there is a group of people who do not have coeliac disease, yet have symptoms which improve once they start on a gluten-free diet, extending the number of medically-diagnosed gluten-free consumers."

The new Schar range aims to appeal to all consumers following a gluten-free diet. Consumers will first see the brand at this year's Allergy Show in London. In addition to a large stand, Schar will be sponsoring the learning zone at the event, with a talk from Marianne Williams, an independent specialist IBS and allergy dietitian. Schar is also the headline sponsor of the Allergy Show North, offering samples and recipe ideas and advice to every guest.

To enquire about listing Schar products as well as to find out more about the Schar NPD please contact, or call 01925 865100.
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