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Byline: Dr Miriam Stoppard

OH, grow up Suzanne. You're being a wimp and a killjoy. Stop wallowing in self-pity. It isn't the end of the world because you split up with your boyfriend or that your sister is pregnant.

I have no sympathy for people who are jealous of what other people have but will make no real effort to change the way they act and behave in order to get what they want.

We all make our own good fortune. The world owes us nothing. There's no such thing as entitlement and to think so will only make us helpless.

And, as for chances, they occur every day. You just have to keep your eyes open and be responsive to what comes along. There are exciting possibilities on offer all the time if you're alert to them and brave enough to grasp them with both hands.

As it is, Suzanne is such a sourpuss, she'd be unattractive to everyone. She can't even congratulate her sister on her good news.

It seems strange to me to want to emulate a sister or a girlfriend. Why not be different? Why use someone else as your yardstick? Why not take advantage of what's unique to you?

No one ever shines if they're copying someone else. The only time we come into our own is when we're rowing our own boat. Otherwise you're just a pale shadow of an other person.

I'm surprised anyone wants to be restricted to being a me-too person. It really cramps your style to want to be nothing more than a copycat. We'll never fulfill our full potential. We'll never make the most of ourselves.

If Suzanne feels inclined she could draw up a personal inventory of all her good points and qualities that make her proud of herself. She'd be surprised how quickly she snapped out of it.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 21, 2006
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