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Dear Miriam

HAVE you ever heard of women's wet dreams? I have been woken by an orgasm several times. I have asked my friends if they've had similar experiences but they laughed as they believe it only happens to young men. Am I just lucky?

IN 1953, sexuality researcher Alfred Kinsey, found nearly 40 per cent of 5,628 women interviewed experienced at least one nocturnal orgasm (orgasms during sleep), or wet dream, by the time they were 45. Men often experience their first orgasm during a wet dream, but women rarely have nocturnal orgasms until they have had orgasm by some other means first.

There's less evidence of wet dreams in women than in men because less liquid is produced. A man's penis also gets more tactile stimulation during sleep than a woman's clitoris.

In both sexes, nocturnal orgasms are often accompanied by erotic dreams. Wet dreams usually make little impression on men, but women sometimes have vivid sexual dreams with nocturnal orgasms and may believe they actually had sex.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 4, 2005
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