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Dr Miriam: Ex spoils son with a diet of fun.

Byline: Dr Miriam Stoppard

Dear Miriam I HAVE a five-year-old son whose father left me when I was pregnant with him.

But his dad still keeps in contact with him and their close relationship sometimes makes me feel jealous.

My son visits him at his parents' house every Saturday. When he comes home he cries for his dad and this really hurts me because I have all the hard work of looking after him and being the disciplinarian.

I think that his dad and his grandparents spoil him too much.

IT'S normal for a five-year-old boy to bond closely with his father and to miss him when they're apart.

And it is certainly possible his dad spoils him because it's pretty common for non-custodial parents to spoil their children.

If his dad is letting your son get away with murder when they're together, don't be afraid to discuss the importance of consistency and how it's in the best interest of your son.

Do your best to put aside any jealousy you may feel. You're not going to be replaced as the most important person in your son's life. Be glad he has a dad who cares, even if he isn't perfect.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 11, 2006
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