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Dr Mikio Sankey's advanced energy healing: esoteric Acupuncture: moving into Heart Space--holistic health care for an emerging new perspective on a paradigm in transition.

The new millennium is seeing change that is both fast and global. Twenty-first century medicine is evolving rapidly and, with the help of quantum science, beginning to move towards the realisation that we may not be able to correct a problem with the tools that were around when that problem was created. Along with the emergence of a new scientific and healthcare paradigm that is embracing the elements of wholeness and life force, or energy and spirit, comes a shift in thinking that is required if we want to deal effectively with the complex physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health concerns of our times.

I was very excited when several years ago my former professional association, the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia (BTFA), saw my training in Dr Mikio Sankey's Advanced Energy Healing--Esoteric Acupuncture as potentially helpful to Bowen treatment and approved it as continued professional education activity.

Originally developed for acupuncturists under the name 'Esoteric Acupuncture' (EA) and then extended to non-acupuncturists like me as 'Advanced Energy Healing' (AEH), AEH-EA is a gateway approach to facilitate expanded healing. AEH--EA's philosophy sees an imbalanced Heart Space' as underlying the complex health and wellbeing issues we are facing at this point in time and therefore aims at 'switching on the light' of enhanced awareness through:

* rebalancing the body's energetic systems,

* strengthening our energetic centre, the various levels of the Heart,

* strengthening inner guidance, and

* helping us 'live a life that is more fully attuned to the changing energy shifts of the New Millennium' (Dr Mikio Sankey)

An energy modality anchored in the quantum model of reality (concept of resonance) that seeks to reboot, rebalance, realign and enhance the body's energetic systems through multi-meridian geometric acupoint patterns, AEH--EA aims at strengthening and evolving our inner spiritual Heart Centre by creating dynamic balance between our opposing core emotions of Love (Heart--element of Fire) and Fear (Kidney--element of Water) on all levels of existence, from the very densest physical to the finest universal. In more down-to-earth terms, it is all about helping me become ME and you become YOU.

Although this is not a 'fix-my-shoulder' modality, my experience shows that physical symptoms do benefit as the energetics re-harmonise. I am also finding that, while from my perspective Bowen work does have an impact on the body's energy systems through communicating with trigger and acupoints, it is AEH--EA that 'takes it home' when it comes to unblocking stagnant life force, a key to healing from the inside out.

While one single acupoint pattern may be sufficient to re-establish life force flow through the body's chakras and life force systems, the body is likely to need unfoldment boosts' (signal reinforcements) at stages to hold and expand upon an energetic realignment in accordance with challenges presented by an individual's life journey and how they deal with them.

While AEH--EA is embraced by some medical professionals, the story below of Allie (name changed), can, in the absence of official evidence-based research, only serve as anecdotal evidence as every person and every body is different.

No doubt Allie is a success story. A busy business woman in her 40s, Allie had struggled for over a decade with a barrage of personal and professional challenges that left her in an emotional fog, a near-permanent energetic low as well as physically exhausted and battling with a variety of symptoms, with chronic lower back issues first and foremost among them.

Allie's multi-modality self-help strategy led her to the realisation that she only ever achieved temporary and short-term relief, whereas she was aiming at getting to the root of things as she felt there had to be an underlying emotional cause. After Bowen therapy had been suggested to her, Allie came to see me with her life force stuck between chakras three and two, affecting her energetic kidney and adrenal landscape, overall energy levels and lower back in general. She also had trouble grounding and being present.

One single session dissolved the stagnation and helped boost her kidney energy and her understanding of underlying fear issues, so that not much later we began to use patterns to strengthen her energetic Heart Centre. Allie took to AEH--EA like a fish to water and, with continuing 'on-demand' treatment to prepare her for the resolution of at least some of her challenges a few weeks later, was able when the time came to keep her energy up in the face of major personal challenges. She also reported holding her ground much better and dealing with her circumstances without falling apart or back into old defence mechanisms. Allie could not help but noticing much improved and generally stable energy, mental clarity, being better organised and feeling as emotionally strong and physically flexible than ever before.

Allie is continuing with fairly regular treatments as she sees them as a key to both prevention and maintenance, as well as to self-exploration and discovering her spiritual potential. Gaining in strength and awareness, she is thrilled at her transformation into a confident, successful and radiant woman.

For those who gel with the approach, it has the potential to be an avenue to healing and unfoldment from the inside out. Clients tend to look noticeably different after treatment and have described their immediate sensations as I feel three metres tall', I feel free' or even You have given me back my energy' and 'I feel I have discovered my self and wonder who I was before'. Most comment down the track that the experience of AEH--EA is changing their life for the better.

For me as a practitioner it is an absolute joy to observe this kind of unfoldment. I feel humbled at having been given a tool with so much potential to help people into their Heart Space where the journey of healing and discovery always begins.

Christine Gruettke specialises in Bowen Therapy and TMJ Reset, Clinical / Professional Reflexology, Advanced Energy Healing (Mikio Sankey PhD, LAc) and is an Animal Communicator and Reiki/Seichem Master.
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Author:Gruettke, Christine
Publication:Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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