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Dr Gareth: Time to let gym fix it for you.

Byline: Dr. Yvonne Casey

Q I CAN'T seem to motivate myself to exercise. Any tips on how to do it?

A EXERCISE can lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes, strokes and heart attacks. Relaxation and a general lift in mood ensue as endorphins ('feel-good' brain chemicals) are released. Hope this is enough to inspire you.

Q MY head's like a sieve and it's bothering me not being able to retain the simplest of information.

A THE brain needs exercise too so get into doing crosswords, word or number puzzles on a regular basis. Gingko Biloba can promote concentration when taken over a long period of time provided you are not on any blood-thinning medication or have blood pressure problems.

Q I'M bothered with constant sore throats. Help.

A BUILD up your immunity with the combination homoeopathic preparation Ectrosept-N at a dose of 20 drops in a little water twice daily for two months. Molkosan (concentrated milk whey) can bring relief by diluting one part to four parts of lukewarm water and gargling up to five times a day. Q MY husband is a builder and suffers terrible trouble with his back. Apart from painkillers could he be doing something else?'

A ACUPUNCTURE has a great reputation in helping to reduce pain and inflammation. He could also try taking salt-free glucosamine (500mg) one tablet twice daily, to help strengthen his musculo-skeletal system.


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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 26, 2006
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