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Dozen local startups selected for program.

Byline: Ilene Aleshire The Register-Guard

A dozen startup companies and businesses that are still in the concept stage have been chosen for a new business incubator in Corvallis.

The incubator is part of the Regional Accelerator Innovation Network - a partnership between the University of Oregon, Oregon State University and the cities and business communities of Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis and Albany.

As part of this program, "venture accelerators" will be located near UO and OSU to offer affordable space to early stage companies, mainly tech companies, that show promise for creating local jobs. The startups also will have access to university laboratories and assistance from faculty members and business people with applicable skills.

The goal is to speed up creation of promising new companies, creating more jobs in the region.

Work being done by these early stage companies at the Corvallis accelerator "could lead to innovative types of automobiles, improved heating systems, more efficient solar cells, electricity produced from wastewater, an enhanced online shopping experience or - in a pinch - a safe and efficient caesarian delivery of a baby in small, rural hospitals," OSU officials said.

The first participants and concepts chosen for the Corvallis center are:

Waste2Watergy: This company's goal is to commercialize OSU research on the production of electricity from wastewater, while also treating the wastewater.

Valliscor, LLC: The company specializes in low-cost, environmentally benign manufacture of chemicals for many large-scale markets. It uses specialized continuous flow reactor systems in place of large batch systems.

MOVE: The acronym stands for "methane opportunities for vehicle energy." This company is being developed from research at OSU-Cascades to allow a car that runs on methane to compress its own fuel and be re-fueled from a homeowner's natural gas supply.

Macromolecular structure characterization: This concept is based on a patent for a new way to solve protein structures that could transform biological research.

Heating systems: This concept is based on small or portable devices using microchannel arrays to heat air or water. They could offer much higher efficiency for residential or other uses.

Beet: A solar cell device will be developed based on patented absorber material that allows high conversion efficiency.

Multicopter Northwest: This company will develop and sell small helicopter and photographic systems to produce photos or video at an altitude up to 400 feet.

PlayPulse: This startup will measure the physiological responses of video game users to help producers understand user behavior.

InforeMed: The company will create serious games for health care education.

BuyBott: This online website will simplify shopping and enhance social interaction.

Bauer Labs LLC: Technology from the company includes a facilitator for emergency caesarean delivery, a special challenge in rural hospitals.

FanTogether: This startup will allow sports fans to stay connected to their favorite teams or individuals.

"These concepts and companies are emerging from OSU or the Corvallis community, and we feel good about the commercial potential of all of them," said John Turner, co-director of the Venture Accelerator Program.

"It's also worth noting that we've chosen some technologies that are incremental advances in a field, and others may represent breakthroughs of global importance," Turner said. "There's a place for both in what we're trying to do in job creation and economic advancement."
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Title Annotation:Business; The companies, some in the concept stage, will join a new business incubator in Corvallis
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Aug 7, 2013
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