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Downstream industries of Pakistan Steel.

Downstream Industries of Pakistan Steel

It is absolutely essential that downstream industries, largely dependent on the integrated steel mill for their raw materials and utilising at least 50 per cent of the Steel Mill products, are given the necessary support/encouragement and priority so as to make the country self-sufficient in the products that are obtained from these industries. Such a step will also help in the advancement of the domestic technology and possible export of these products.

A large number of downstream projects can be set-up, based on the utilisation of products of Pakistan Steel. Some of the downstream projects based on Pakistan Steel products are identified as under:-

a) Projects based on Hot Rolled Sheets/Coils: i) Manufacturing of Large Diameter Pipe; ii) Manufacturing of Small/ Medium Diameter G.I./M.S. Pipes; iii) Manufacturing of Tubular Poles; iv) Manufacturing of Steel Floors (Chequered) Plates; v) Continuous Welded Beam Line Project; and vi) Builders Hardware Manufacturing Plant. b) Projects based on Cold Rolled Sheets/Coils: i) Tin Plate Manufacturing Plant; and ii) Pre-Painted Sheets Manufacturing Plant. c) Projects based on Galvanized Sheets/Coils: i) Grain Storage Metal Silos & Farm Buildings Manufacturing Plant; ii) Pre-Engineered Building Manufacturing Plant; iii) Galvanized Sheets Corrugating Plant; and iv) Pre-Painted Sheets Manufacturing Plant. d) Projects based on M.S. Billets: i) Seamless Pipe Manufacturing Plant; ii) Wire Rod & Baling Hoops Manufacturing Plant; iii) Wire, Wire Rod, Nuts & Bolts Manufacturing Plant; iv) Small Sections Manufacturing Plant; v) Rails and Structurals Manufacturing Plant; and vi) Cold Drawn Bars & Shapes Manufacturing Plant. e) Projects based on Pig Iron: i) Cast Iron Foundry Plant; ii) G.I. Pipe Fittings Plant; and iii) Ductile Iron Pipe Manufacturing Plant. f) Projects based on Blast Furnace Granulated Slag/Boulder Slag: i) Slag Block Manufacturing Plant; ii) Slag Wool Manufacturing Plant and iii) Slag Cement Manufacturing Plant. g) Projects based on Coal-Tar: i) Coal-Tar Distillation Plant. h) Projects based on Coke: i) Calcium Carbide Manufacturing Plant; and ii) Ferro-Alloys Manufacturing Plant.

Downstream projects can be set-up anywhere in Pakistan by the prospective investors. The interested parties/organizations can carry out their own techno-economic feasibility studies on these downstream projects. The future of the aforementioned projects in the country is indeed very bright. Setting-up of such projects is the need of the hour. These units are classified as highly "Value Added" projects involving sophisticated automatic machines and possess highly mechanized means of production. This will not only consume a sizeable portion of the products of Pakistan Steel but shall also bring considerable profit for the positive investors.

Pakistan Steel under the directive of the Government floated the idea for private participation in development of downstream industries will all possible assistance from itself including land allocation for the downstream projects @ Rs. 150/- per square metre on cash payment basis. Response from private entrepreneurs in this regard so far has been encouraging and a good number of projects have been selected for inveeestment and are in different stages of Planning and Implementation. a) Pakistan Steel approved 54 Downstream Projects based on main and by-products of Pakistan Steel. Of these 21 downstream projects have been commissioned as shown in the table on next page. [Tabular Data Omitted]
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Date:Jun 1, 1991
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