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Downstairs: a unifying hallway. Upstairs: a more usable deck.

A slender addition across the back of this two-story San Diego tract house improves its traffic flow inside and its appearance outside.

The new 5- by 20-foot hallway connects the rear of the ktichen to a small dining room. Double-glazed windows and French doors lining the outside walls brighten the hall and visually enlarge the kitchen and living-dining areas. The doors also provide easy access to the back garden (before, everyone had to walk through the kitchen to go outside). Extending beyond the doors, a new and much larger concrete patio provides a generous outdoor entertaining area.

The upper floor also gained. As the "before" photograph shows, a poorly designed balcony deck off the master bedroom looked awkward and out of scale. Adding the main-floor hallway allowed a much larger upper deck, further increased by a cantilevered extension. The solid wood siding that encloses the deck, painted to match the stucco, gives the addition greater mass.

San Diego architect Peter Rodi designed the remodel for owners Jeanette Lisiak and David Ciccone.
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Date:Mar 1, 1986
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