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Downeast-Upcountry: A Place, A Family, A Time.

Author: Thomas L. Shanklin

Publisher: privately by Thomas L. Shanklin in Charleston, South Carolina

ISBN: 13:978-1490438450

Paperback 293 pages, [c] Thomas L. Shanklin 2013


The Shanklin family has deep Loyalist roots in New Brunswick with relatives on both sides of the American Revolution. Thomas Shanklin's book exemplifies the growing interest in understanding the social history of our ancestors-preserving the events, stories, and personalities of past generations as far back in history as possible.

Besides reminiscing about the people of a few generations ago, Shanklin allows his readers to witness a way of living and the use of early technology, as well as the sights and sounds of interesting places between the two great wars. Peppered amongst illustrations, large, easy-to-read family trees and photos, are members of the Hatfield, Spragg, and Shanklin extended families who lived in Hatfield Point and Saint John, New Brunswick. Tales of adventure, travel, family gatherings, and misadventure combine to make this family come alive.

Thomas Shanklin introduces himself in this book as a boy listening to his father's stories about his grandfather who once lived beside the wharf at Hatfield Point on the Saint John River. For over thirty years, the little boy's grandfather, Captain Haddon Jacob Shanklin, travelled the oceans as captain of the Golden Ball before retiring to this historic part of New Brunswick.

The author, Thomas Shanklin, is an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church and has served as pastor of churches from Kansas to New Hampshire. His affectionate perspective on the past, based on both the author's faith and love of history, percolate through Shanklin's writing, adding the charm of "home" to his recollections.

For those readers who want to better familiarize themselves with the Maritime Provinces and its Loyalist heritage, this book will be a great addition to their armchair travels.

Reviewed by Grietje McBride UE

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Author:McBride, Grietje
Publication:The Loyalist Gazette
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Mar 22, 2016
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