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Down under; DIARY.

Down under A LADY In New Zealand has sent me seed of Vigna caracalla, which is variously known as Phaseolus caracalla, snail flower, snail bean, corkscrew flower or the snail vine (caracol is Portugese for snail). It's a tender climber and though we've never grown it before, it sounds ideal.

This lady is obviously a keen gardener and tells me that Life In A Cottage Garden, the BBC programme we made about a year at Glebe Cottage, is just being shown on New Zealand television - and they love it.

In addition to our Antipodean present, we are going to sow morning glory, with its big blue trumpets, and Cobaea scandens, the cup and saucer vine.

One of our more permanent climbers is Wisteria macrobotrys from Japan. It has made itself completely at home here, wrapping itself around our drainpipes and one of the less pleasant tasks of the week is going to be checking its exuberant growth.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Mar 15, 2014
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