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Down to technique; Libby Anderson tells us how we can lose weight and feel great with an alternative to high-impact workouts.

Fitness expert Libby Anderson has the perfect alternative to high-impact cardio gym workouts - a body sculpting technique that will whip you into shape in no time.

Libby specialises in the Mary Adams Technique, a new style of exercise born out of the traditional Callanetics that helps women transform their body shape and drop dress sizes.

With people looking for different ways to stay trim, many are swapping conventional ways of keeping fit to enjoy the physical and social benefits provided by Libby's class.

The technique is based on small and very specific movements targeted at the areas that really matter, working your muscles to pull them into shape.

Libby, 40, explains: "It really does work and completely transforms your body shape, helping you lose inches from your hips, waist and stomach.

"It targets specific areas of the body and creates a nice, lean look that is not always possible to achieve just by going to the gym."

Libby, from Gartcosh, North Lanarkshire, knows first hand how great the technique can be as it helped change her own shape.

Fed-up with her size 14 figure, she was encouraged by a friend to attend fitness guru Mary Adams' class in Glasgow.

After a few sessions Libby saw a significant change in her body shape and became so fond of the techniques that in 2007 she qualified as a fitness instructor and opened her own studio.

Now a trim size 10, Libby has built up a great friendship with Mary - who developed the technique - and now runs classes focusing on muscle movements and exercise.

She said: "Getting to know Mary and attending her class has really changed my life.

"Before I was a bit fed-up with my shape and size.

"But now I have the knowledge and qualifications to help others look and feel great."

Libby claims that just one hour of the Mary Adams Technique once a week has more of an impact on your body shape than a high-intensity gym workout.

She said "It is unbelievable. Even doing the first side stretch, you can see your waist and your bum lift.

"It is very visual. When my class are doing it, they are not wondering what they are doing this for, they can actually see the results. You can change your shape. The movements are small and specific to get right to the targeted areas."

Seeing quick results is a huge motivator for Libby's classes.

She said: "I show people the waist stretch and the bum lift and the nice lines in their stomach that are developing so they can see exactly what they are achieving.

"It doesn't matter your age or shape, the technique works well no matter your level of fitness.

"I see fantastic results. Women go away with new shapes, dropping quite a few dress sizes.

"I have a good reputation but sometimes people leave it to the last minute and want me to help them into a bikini the week before their holiday.

"I can't begin to tell you how many women buy a dress that is way too small for them but we work hard and we get them into it eventually. It keeps me on my toes."

Libby says it is the small spiralling, rotational moves that differentiate her classes from the traditional form of Callanetics.

She said: "The spiralling is the movement used to engage the pelvic floor.

"You put your back into a certain position, then engage it. You then lift up your leg and rotate the kneecap. It is like a wee spiral movement but goes right to the bone. It gives a really deep sensation. It might sound a bit off putting but trust me it works - I'm living proof."

The technique has been specially designed to help everyone and is also effective for those suffering from injuries.

Libby explains: "It's safe because it is based on small movements and all designed around the spine, so that we don't harm anything.

"You heal yourself with me.

You get lots of work done without putting pressure on the joints.

"People come to me when they think they can't do anything and are amazed they can do all of this. It's terrific for injuries because it builds up muscles and you don't lose muscle strength."

Libby is also qualified to work with people who suffer from bad mobility and has had people in wheelchairs come to her class.

Since opening Studio North, Libby has built up a number of clients who continue to use the technique - even after reaching their target weight.

For class times and more information, contact Libby on 0141 558 8495 or email Casebook Impetigo is a skin infection, usually caused by the Staphylococcus aureus germ.

It's very infectious so is often seen in young children. The rash typically appears four to 10 days after infection.

Small blisters develop, though you may not see them as they usually burst and leave scabs. Often just one or two patches develop and often look like moist, golden crusts stuck to the skin. An area of redness may develop under each patch.

Sometimes affected skin is red and inflamed - especially if the 'crust' is picked or scratched off.

An antibiotic cream for seven to 10 days is the usual treatment.

Carry antibacterial gel to use after touching the infected area.


SIDESTRETCH... Libby shows a fitness fan the ropes CLASS ACT... The Mary Adams Technique inspired Libby Anderson, front, to train as a fitness instructor
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