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Down to earth.

Every wonder why you don't fly into space?

Everybody knows it's gravity. But how does gravity work?

You could ask a scientist, but here's a secret: Even the scientists don't really understand how gravity works; they just know that it does. Push 'em in a corner and ask why, why why.

"Because we say so," they'll have to admit.

Gravity Is a Mystery walks you through that strange state of affairs. You'll learn about gravity, what it does, how it affects you and other falling objects. You'll also learn that other planets have gravity, too, but sometimes less and sometimes more than Earth. On the moon you'd only weigh about one-sixth of what you weigh here.

Jump into Gravity Is a Mystery. Don't worry; you won't fly off the planet. Don't ask why. Other titles in the Let's-Read-And-Find-Out Science series from Collins Publishers include A Drop of Blood, Energy Makes Things Happen, and Forces Make Things Move.

Gravity Is a Mystery

By Franklyn M. Branley

Collins Publishers, New York
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Title Annotation:Gravity Is a Mystery
Publication:U.S. Kids
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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