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Down, not out: is the heart of technology still beating? (Postscript).

In technology, the road to success is long and bumpy. Last year, those bumps took its toll on companies large and small as CEOs of corporations and start-ups struggled to stay on course in what was a watershed year for the industry. Shaken out and downsized, technology is hoping to make a comeback.

In the March issue, BLACK ENTERPRISE takes the pulse of technology. Find out when tech will recover, and which sectors will lead the resurgence. This year, BE made the trek to Silicon Valley--the heart of the industry--to talk to the players about financing, trends, and a host of other issues. We put it all together in what, we hope, will be an insightful and informative roundtable discussion.

But CEOs and venture capitalists aren't the only tech digerati around. Celebrities like Tavis Smiley have also been preaching the gospel of technological access. Check out what he has to say about how it can help you succeed.

Finally, if you've always wanted to know what makes a good Website, we've got the answer. Our experts pick the winner of the BE Website Makeover Contest and unveil the new site in the March issue. Even if your Website didn't make the cut, we are sure this issue of BE will provide you with solid information that will make you a winner.


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Publication:Black Enterprise
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Date:Feb 1, 2002
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