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Alastair Down On Friday: Sense of mischief that will be sorely missed. Oct 27, 2000 296
Alastair Down On Friday: Under the spell of two originals. Oct 27, 2000 817
Alastair Down: Dubious form, Classic material. Oct 22, 2000 762
Alastair Down on Friday: Kathryn's win puts China in her hand. Oct 20, 2000 713
Alastair Down on Friday: Runner-up has the profile of a winner. Oct 20, 2000 617
Alastair Down: The gods smile on the course that wears a fixed grin of appreciation. Oct 16, 2000 888
Alastair Down On Friday: Award for a woman daring to fight back. Oct 13, 2000 909
Alastair Down On Friday: Twisted ways of the master of Ballydoyle. Oct 13, 2000 483
Alastair Down on Friday: Heroes enjoying high life; Murtaghs overwhelmed by reception after Arc day fairytale. Oct 6, 2000 488
Alastair Down on Friday: BBA confusion a bitter pill to swallow. Oct 6, 2000 157
Alastair Down on Friday: Why Sam and not Leo came first on Sunday. Oct 6, 2000 473
Put this win down as an anthem to decency. Oct 2, 2000 890
Alastair Down: Much cause for celebration after a people's result for a people's race. Oct 1, 2000 741
Alastair Down: The Supreme Champion Versus The New Force; It's Arc Day - with four Group 1s on BBC2 and one of the most enthralling clashes of recent years . . . Oct 1, 2000 501
Countdown to the arc: The focused assassin; Kinane knows exactly what is required as he and Montjeu bid for Paris encore. Sep 27, 2000 1287
Alastair Down on Friday: Athers won't be bowled over by Big Mac. Sep 22, 2000 165
Alastair Down on Friday: Dance-mad Dean in Mecca with Bowdler. Sep 22, 2000 763
Alastair Down on Friday: People's Lottery puts Burridge in firing line. Sep 22, 2000 453
Alastair Down: How to win with attitude. Sep 18, 2000 758
Alastair Down on Friday: Champion non-starter. Sep 15, 2000 94
Alastair Down on Friday: Young Smurfit follows in father's footprints. Sep 15, 2000 693
Alastair Down on Friday: On the lookout for Mick Megabytes. Sep 15, 2000 428
Alastair Down interview: Still striving to succeed; In his 34th season with a licence, John Dunlop is as fiercely competitive as ever. Sep 14, 2000 1237
Leopardstown: Giant's has grown into a colossus; The combined brainpower of Godolphin and Sir Michael Stoute cannot find a way to halt the Aidan O'Brien juggernaut. Sep 11, 2000 973
Alastair Down On Friday: Pepperdine must go close at Ayr. Sep 8, 2000 149
Alastair Down On Friday: The teamwork behind a great achievement. Sep 8, 2000 725
Alastair Down On Friday: Hurling final the big event this weekend. Sep 8, 2000 411
Alastair Down: Common cause in securing fair shares. Sep 3, 2000 465
Alastair Down: Fresh heir to traditions; Christopher Spence, Jockey Club senior steward, aims to foster unity in racing. Sep 3, 2000 1272
Alastair Down on Friday: Off the rails. Sep 1, 2000 105
Alastair Down on Friday: Yates not getting shirty over his grand gesture. Sep 1, 2000 748
Alastair Down on Friday: Bonner bows out with a wealth of experience. Sep 1, 2000 546
Genius arrayed in an anorak; ALASTAIR DOWN at racing's Quiz of the Year. Aug 27, 2000 743
Alastair Down: Valour beyond his call of duty; Sequel even more awe-inspiring than the original as Giant's Causeway proves too determined for Kalanisi once again. Aug 23, 2000 981
Alastair Down at the Jackdaws Castle open day: The serious business starts now; Trainer Richard Phillips has a hard act to mimic, but doesn't let it spoil the fun. Aug 21, 2000 884
Alastair Down on Friday: Your specialist subject is . . .; The shadow knows: Paull `Genghis' Khan in full, ceremonial Weatherbys quizmaster robes, complete with Kestrel. Aug 18, 2000 301
Alastair Down on Friday: Smoking out the finest tastes in Newmarket. Aug 18, 2000 524
Alastair Down on Friday: Smiths still bowl each other over. Aug 18, 2000 807
Sunday Racing - Is it working?: Generals sip claret while the privates feel the pain. Aug 13, 2000 1515
Charities get such a poor run for their money. Aug 11, 2000 435
Rowe sure to stir the passions; New MD a breath of fresh air as Newmarket strives to move with the times. Aug 11, 2000 805
Missing key to a mystery; New MD a breath of fresh air as Newmarket strives to move with the times. Aug 11, 2000 176
Just so galling and deflating; How Godolphin's dream went from anticipation and excitement to anguish and frustration in a matter of moments. Aug 6, 2000 517
Montjeu v Millennium: It could be on; Michael Tabor pleaded for a way to bring racing's biggest superstars together; Now Sheikh Mohammed is offering a $6 million solution. Aug 5, 2000 878
Alastair Down on Friday: Galling experience at a Galway watering hole. Aug 4, 2000 605
Alastair Down on Friday: Back on the rails, where Mike belongs. Aug 4, 2000 952
Alastair Down: A place which gets its priorities right. Aug 3, 2000 789
NO SWEAT; Imperious Montjeu dismisses rivals to win King George in a hack canter; Alastair Down reports from Ascot on an awe-inspiring show of equine supremacy. Jul 30, 2000 906
Lasting family values; Even during an outstanding season, the Aga Khan has a due sense of perspective. Jul 29, 2000 1386
Alastair Down on Friday: Tiger on the prowl, daughter gets in the swing. Jul 28, 2000 144
Alastair Down on Friday: Getting through Festival is the ultimate challenge. Jul 28, 2000 549
Alastair Down on Friday: Down-to-earth man in pursuit of a title. Jul 28, 2000 710
Alastair Down on Friday: Mort rewarded for years of hard graft. Jul 21, 2000 848
Alastair Down on Friday: Johnson Houghton hits an upward curve again. Jul 21, 2000 477
Reid and the title-chasers are giving racing plenty to cheer about. Jul 17, 2000 1000
Alastair Down on Friday: Pyrah below par after auction. Jul 14, 2000 203
Alastair Down on Friday: Loughran singing from a winning hymn sheet. Jul 14, 2000 475
Alastair Down on Friday: Gentle Ben. Jul 14, 2000 87
Alastair Down on Friday: Franklin and Co learn to take it on the shin. Jul 14, 2000 221
Darley July Cup: Cup's export raises the stakes in global game. Jul 14, 2000 660
`Opportunity for all 59 courses'. Jul 12, 2000 229
Decision hastens a doomsday scenario; The Racing Post writer and Channel 4 presenter warns of dire consequences after the collapse of the Super 12 talks. Jul 12, 2000 898
Older, wiser and with an irrepressible desire to win; Duffield eclipses them all on Giant's Causeway with a vintage display of his skill and strength ewrtyrewtyertyertuyturtyurtyurtyurtyurt. Jul 9, 2000 821
Alastair Down. Jul 7, 2000 1397
The stuff of champions; Sinndar slams Irish Derby field senseless in a display of raw, surging power as Holding Court flops and injury wrecks King's Best's career. Jul 3, 2000 859
Alastair Down: From sinner to Sinndar; Johnny Murtagh, now firmly back in the saddle after a spell fallen off the wagon, hopes to crown Epsom glory with Curragh victory. Jul 2, 2000 1898
Alastair Down on Friday. Jun 30, 2000 1254
Alastair Down: Fruits Of Love brings tear to Deirdre's eye. Jun 24, 2000 947
Versatile Kayf Tara a true marathon hero. Jun 23, 2000 768
Alastair Down on Friday: Newcombe working the oracle with Silca Blanka. Jun 16, 2000 502
Alastair Down on Friday: Limestone's fans book early. Jun 16, 2000 147
Alastair Down on Friday: A lawyer and trainer? - it's a London thing. Jun 16, 2000 676
BHB GMA: Reformed bridge-builder with a penchant for pools. Jun 16, 2000 1008
Quiet achiever gently basking in finest hour; Sinndar victory a reflection of John Oxx's understated talents and Johnny Murtagh's journey back from the precipice. Jun 11, 2000 1009
The Oaks: A genius rising above the drama. Jun 10, 2000 734
Derby 2000: Seeking reward for a patient approach. Jun 10, 2000 1331
Alastair Down on Friday: Sin of omission shows Club lacking in nobility. Jun 9, 2000 361
Alastair Down on Friday: Witty Griffiths warned off. Jun 9, 2000 161
Alastair Down on Friday: Racing gains as BBC and Oakley split. Jun 9, 2000 641
A new face in the parish; The Reverend Graham Locking is chaplain to the racing industry in Newmarket. Jun 4, 2000 1282
Alastair Down: Endurance test the key to Sinndar... Jun 2, 2000 138
Alastair Down: Round of applause for Stoute. Jun 2, 2000 159
Alastair Down: Glover relishing his version of `Bluebird'. Jun 2, 2000 436
Alastair Down: Piggott streets ahead when it comes to Leo. Jun 2, 2000 388
Alastair Down on Friday: Newmarket hotel is in need of facelift. May 26, 2000 145
Alastair Down On Friday: Why Frankie is a winner by a head. May 26, 2000 405
Alastair Down On Friday: Henry's heroic victory the stuff of epic ode. May 26, 2000 611
Alastair Down: Much ardour over Ed's Astra. May 19, 2000 162
Alastair Down: Old soldier John not for fading away. May 19, 2000 547
Alastair Down: Sex drives Manners to fitness for charity race. May 19, 2000 338
Alastair Down: Godolphin make right connection; Europe's champion stayer and potential new sprint star land Group-race double on the Knavesmire. May 19, 2000 733
Persuasive voice in the Derby debate. May 18, 2000 1042
Alastair Down: Classic season beckons for tough Katie; The 5-1 had gone by the time the jam hit the teatime scones. May 17, 2000 766
Alastair Down: The search for a star continues; With a month to go to the Derby nothing has fired the imagination - but then again, we've been down this road before. May 15, 2000 846
Alastair Down On Friday: Walwyn memoirs set to raise a smile. May 12, 2000 589
Alastair Down On Friday: Highclere high-flyers have feet on ground. May 12, 2000 493
Alastair Down: Gosden off to the perfect start. May 8, 2000 825
Stoute conjures best out of King's; Teamwork rewarded with exceptional performance, as winner's `nervous energy' is channelled onto Guineas target. May 7, 2000 833
Alastair Down: Question of timing for this fabulous Festival. May 5, 2000 840
Punchestown Festival: Walsh flying high - and still heading upwards. May 4, 2000 871

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