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Dow and PolyOne introduce new generation impact modifier for PLA.

Dow Plastics Additives, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company has teamed up with leading provider of specialised polymer materials PolyOne Corporation to introduce OnCap BIO L masterbatches, the latest development in the field of bioplastics for manufacturers supporting the packaging marketplace with environmentally advanced solutions that also offer production efficiencies.

PolyOne's OnCap BIO L is based on PARALOID BPM-520, a new generation of impact modifier manufactured by Dow, that helps improve the impact resistance of opaque, injection-moulded polylactic acid (PLA) products with minimal effect on heat distortion temperature and stiffness.

Derived from corn, PLA has a lower carbon footprint than many polymer alternatives, but its brittle nature means that modifiers are required to improve its impact resistance. PARALOID BPM-520 from Dow has been designed specifically for use with PLA injection-moulded resins in order to help provide high impact strength at room and sub-zero temperatures, it also offers benefits in PLA blends such as PLA/PC.

PolyOne's OnCap BIO L additive masterbatch broadens the choices available to brand owners looking to use sustainable polymers in applications such as opaque ice cream and food packaging and semi-durable applications such as cosmetic packaging and housing for laptops or mobile phones.

Converters will appreciate OnCap BIO L's flow properties and ability to maintain part stiffness, while brand owners will welcome its colourability and attractive surface finish.

"Brand owners are always on the look out for products which offer improved environmental performance to keep up with consumer demand--but they don't want to compromise on end-use performance and need to maintain a cost-competitive and efficient production process," explained Robin Madgwick, Marketing Manager for Dow Plastic Additives.


"We've worked closely with PolyOne to offer an effective impact modifier which can be made available in user-friendly, pre-dispersed formats that can help further extend the use of bio-based PLA resins into injection moulded durable and opaque packaging, which is a step forward for the industry," continued Madgwick.

"Our ability to create new applications for PLA within the marketplace will clearly help extend the reach of sustainable solutions in packaging applications and give our customers an eco-conscious alternative previously unavailable to them in an operationally efficient form," explained Marcel Dartee, PolyOne Gfobaf Marketing Director for biopolymers.

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Comment:Dow and PolyOne introduce new generation impact modifier for PLA.(biopolymers)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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