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Dow and Maplan team up on LSR demonstration.

Dow Corning has teamed up with molding machine manufacturer Maplan to demonstrate the processing speed and end-product quality benefits of Xiameter RBL-9200 Series LSRs (liquid silicone robbers) at this month's International Rubber & Advanced Materials in Healthcare Expo in Cleveland, OH.

Maplan will use its MHF200L/200Edition molding machine to inject Xiameter RBL-9200-65 LSR into a beverage cup mold from M.R. Mold & Engineering. Maplan is a global leader in elastomer processing. The company develops innovative and high-performing elastomer processing equipment to meet the productivity and quality needs of its customers worldwide. M.R. Mold & Engineering of Brea, CA, is known globally for its expertise and experience in liquid silicone rubber, gum stock silicone, plastic injection and transfer molds.

At the conference's technical meeting, Rick Ziebell of R.D. Abbott will present, "Process enhancements through theology for a new generation of liquid silicone rubber," a technical paper co-authored by Christopher Windiate of Dow Corning.

"Liquid silicone rubber evolved from a very specific need to produce silicone robber parts and products more efficiently and economically," said Joyce Meng, global product market manager. "Xiameter RBL-9200 Series LSRs are setting new standards for processing speed and end-product quality."

With their enhanced rheology, pot life and cure speed and their lower viscosity, RBL-9200 Series LSRs can help reduce cycle times, increase throughput and raise productivity. Intricate mold cavities can be filled more quickly and completely at lower pressures. Flash/flow lines can be reduced, improving end-product quality and reducing waste.

LSRs in the series can be used for the high-speed production of high quality end products, including kitchenware, baby/infant care products, electrical insulation, keypads, grommets, gaskets and seals.
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Title Annotation:Silicone & Medical Update
Publication:Rubber World
Article Type:Company overview
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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