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Dow University Hematology Institute launches Thalassemia Awareness.

KARACHI -- Institute of Hematology, Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) marked World Thalassemia Day by organizing Dow Thalassemia Assistance Program (Dow-TAP).

In this free thalassemia Screening was conducted and Awareness Lecture was delivered for the students of Sindh Medical College for the benefit of the students, patients family and society as a whole.

Prof. Moinuddin, Principal Baqai Medical University and the Chief Guest on this occasion spoke on thalassemia, a hereditary anaemia of varying severity commonest inherited disorders in Pakistan , effecting both males and females. Thalassemia major is a full blown disease requiring blood transfusion twice monthly. This disease ruins the life of Thalassemia patients and well as the whole family.

He further said that it is estimated that there are 30 lac thalassemia minors cases in Sindh, almost 6% of total population. In Pakistan every year 0.1 million children are born with thalassemia major disease.

According to him, 80% of the population are unaware of the disease, 85% thalassemia major patients need regular blood transfusions and out of them 80% of the thalassemia patients die due to iron overload, hepatitis C and other complications.

Thalassemia minor disease does not cause harm and people can lead normal life, however the marriage of two thalassemia minor patients have 25% risk of having a child with Thalasaemia major. Therefore, thalassemia minor patients should not marry each other. Hence, every individual should have their thalassemia status checked by a simple blood test any time from birth till before marriages at least once.

He also stressed the need to create awareness about thalassemia major disease and unfortunately, little attention is being paid on this.

Prof. Dr. Rana Qamar Masood, Director Quality Assurance & NILGID DUHS stressed on the need to create awareness by sensitizing the masses in order to reduce the burden of the Thalassemia major disease. She said awareness is the main focus required for the prevention of the disease and the need of blood screening before marriages.

She further said that Dow University has been striving hard since its establishment to work for the betterment of the community healthcare, besides having academic excellence and human resource development. She also appreciated the efforts of the organizing committee for organizing screening program and awareness lecture.

Prof Nighat Nisar, Acting Principal of Sindh Medical College DUHS appreciated the efforts of the Institute of Hematology, DUHS for organizing the Screening Camp at Sindh Medical College . She further said that it is all about unity, knowledge and equality which leads to success of any program.

In the beginning , Prof. Dr. Akber Aga, Director Institute of Hematology, DUHS also spoke on the occasion and gave brief introduction about the Institute of Hematology and establishment of its Thalasaemia Awareness Program - Dow TAP and mentioned that the screening program will continue for three days at SMC followed by further 3 day at Dow Medical College, Dow International Medical College and the similarly in other colleges and universities of Pakistan to have eventually massive screening and awareness of the general public.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
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Date:May 8, 2012
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