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Dow Jones Newsletters' new titles focus on coffee and cocoa--and the current reform movement in accounting practices. (Launches).

Dow Jones Newsletters, Jersey City, N.J., and OsterDow-Jones, Lombard, Illinois, which is a joint venture between Oster Communications and Dow Jones Newswires, have launched two weekly newsletters:

* OsterDowJones Cocoa Report, published every Wednesday, reports on the physical markets in West Africa, Europe and Asia, as well as on the European cocoa butter market. It also provides news for the confectionary industry, including sugar news, markets, and prices.

* OsterDowlones Essential Coffee, published every Friday, offers news from Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam, London, Singapore, Kenya, and Uganda. It also carries weekly reports on cash markets and prices.

NL/NL talked to two editors in different offices, and neither could explain the relationship of the Dow Jones Company, Dow Jones Newswires, Dow Jones Newsletters, Oster Communications, and OsterDowJones. But a director of business development at OsterDowJones said that that limited liability corporation's ownership is two-thirds Oster (principally in charge of the technology side) and one-third Dow Jones (responsible for content).

Veteran newsletter publishers might recall the venerable Merrill J. Oster, publisher of the 1973 founded Pro Farmer, as well as other commodities newsletters.

In somewhat related news, Dow Jones Newsletters has responded to the current corporate accounting scandals with the launch of the weekly Dow Jones' Re-Balancing the Books, which focuses on accounting practices and current efforts to reform them.

The newsletter (which is also offering site licenses) will offer both original articles and news from Dow Jones Newswires.,
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:May 17, 2002
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