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Dow Corning STI meets customer needs with extensive product line capabilities.

Dow Corning STI offers a wide range of custom-designed and custom-compounded elastomeric materials, as well as a breadth of capabilities, designed to support customers of all sizes. As the world's leading custom compounder of silicone rubber, STI offers fabricators a comprehensive range of materials options, and typically processes orders ranging in size from 25 lbs. to several hundred-thousand pounds.

Headquartered in Plymouth, Mich., STI was formed in 1986. Backed by the research and development of Dow Coming Corporation, the world's largest and most-experienced silicone supplier, STI has partnered with Dow Coming to produce the most extensive line of silicone and fluorosilicone rubber available.

Customized Product Offerings

STI produces custom-compounded silicone and fluorosilicone materials that can be pigmented, catalyzed and pre-formed to meet individual customer requirements, and are ready for extrusion, calendering or molding applications. In addition, STI supplies dimethyl, phenylmethyl and fluorosilicone polymers and bases for fabricators who wish to formulate their own silicone compounds. Sti also offers a complete line of Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSRs) for liquid injection molding.

R&D Supports Major Industries

Currently, the company supplies more than 4,000 products to fabricators for silicone parts that are used in a variety of major industries and markets.

Since 1987, much of STI's R&D efforts have centered around the development and testing of elastomers for automotive fuels. With support from Dow Coming's Automotive Group, the fuels team is committed to formulating new materials for use in fuel systems with gasoline, methanol blends, reformulated gasoline, as well as pressurized fuel approaches like CNG.

STI and Dow Coming have also developed the largest line of world-class materials for molded rubber gaskets and both have continued their work on a new generation of no postcure, oil-resistant LSRs for use in robotically-applied cured-in-place gaskets and mold-in-place applications.

Recent developments in STI's silicones for wire & cable insulation offer greater extrudability, reduced screw wear and increased output speeds. The highly extendable silicone insulation from STI also offers high heat resistance and superior electrical properties in automotive ignition wire and appliance wire applications.

The company also supplies silicone compounds for use in photocopier and industrial rolls and fabric coatings, and new compounds have been developed for the emerging silicone insulator market. A complete line of Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-approved materials for molding applications is available from STI as well.

Advancements in platinum cure technology at STI have produced customized one-part materials, with long shelf life, that are supplied to fabricators fully compounded and ready to run. This new generation of cost-effective, silicone compounds reduces fabricating costs through increased processing speeds and lower scrap rates comparable to liquid injection molding.

Committed to the Success of Customers

As the premier supplier of silicone rubber, much of Dow Corning STI's success has been built on a solid commitment to understanding and meeting customers'needs. For instance, one of STI's greatest assets is its ability to respond quickly to new materials challenges with their custom mixing capabilities.

STI's large batch processing capabilities are also an advantage to customers because they drastically reduce lot-to-lot variation. A computerized laboratory information management system is also used to track raw material specifications, product tolerances and test results to further enhance product consistency and reduce order-to-shipping time.

STI recently introduced a dedicated Small Order Department to serve Midwest fabricators who rely on just-in-time delivery. A highly organized cellular manufacturing concept is the cornerstone of the department's success, allowing orders for custom-compounded silicone materials to be shipped in an average of just three working days.

In addition to the company's corporate headquarters, STI maintains three manufacturing sites in Kendallville, Ind., Walnut, Calif., and Monroe, Conn. Each facility features a wide range of new equipment, housed in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments and used for materials development and evaluation.

For more information, contact Dow Corning STI, 47799 Halyard Dr., Ste. 99, Plymouth, Mich. 48170.
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