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Dow Contract Manufacturing Services.

Dow Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) was organized in 1995 to formalize the contract manufacturing the company has provided for more than 20 years for its subsidiaries and customers. Today, Dow CMS involves more than a dozen dedicated manufacturing sites in the United States, Europe and South Africa and access to all the global technical, logistic, and commercial resources of The Dow Chemical Company.

From R&D to Full-Scale Commercial Manufacturing

The Dow CMS portfolio of capabilities and assets provides services from bench-scale research to early-stage product and process development through pilot-plant and full-scale commercial manufacturing (including cGMP manufacturing).

Dow offers commercial reactors from 1 [m.sup.3] to 40 [m.sup.3] (300 gallons to 10,000 gallons) including all materials of construction needed to operate from -100C to over 150 [degrees] C and from full vacuum to over 25 bars (400 psi).

Specialized. finishing equipment such as dryers, grinders, screeners, and crystallizers are available in a wide range of sizes and materials of construction. Distillation columns, scrubbers, and evaporators and other specialty equipment are also available.

Special expertise is offered in the fields of pharmaceuticals, agricultural intermediates, specialty polymers and specialty chemicals including:

* Research and development

* Analytical sciences

* Process development

* Production engineering and management

* Regulatory compliance including FDA

* Environmental stewardship

* Industrial hygiene

* Waste management and disposal

A Formal, Disciplined Project Review Process To Speed Decision-Making and Create WIN-WIN Solutions

Since speed is always critical when outsourcing, we have developed a method and tools to quickly determine which projects match our capabilities and create value for both of us ... what we call WIN-WIN solutions. All CMS representatives are seasoned, senior level personnel with the authority to instantly commit the fight people, skills, and physical assets to your project, assuring quick answers and action.

For small amounts of product for pharmaceutical clinical trials or huge quantities to supply global demand for a pharmaceutical, specialty chemical or polymer, Dow CMS offers the vast technical and commercial resources of the company many call "the chemical companies' chemical company." For more information call 1-800-449-4369.


Acylation, alkylation, alkyl lithium reactions, amidation, bromination, chlorination, cyclization, decarboxylation, electrochemistry, electrophilic substitution, esterification, fluoride exchange, hydrogenation, nucleophilic substitutions, organometallic reactions, oxidations, palladium catalyzed carbonylation, phase transfer catalysis, photochemistry, reductions, sulfonation, vapor phase catalysis.

Name Reactions

Claisen condensation, Diels-Alder, Grignard, Hoffman rearrangement, Robinson-Schopf, Schotten-Bauman, Swern's oxidation, Ullman Ether synthesis, Williamson synthesis ... and many others.


Anionic, cationic, free radical, condensations, solution, suspension, emulsion, bulk or mass.

Catalytic Processes

Amination, dehydrogenation, hydrogenation, polymerization, hydroformylation, hydrocarboxylation, phase transfer catalysis.

Peptide Synthesis and Purification

Large and small peptides, linear and cyclical.

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