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Dov Frohman Leads the Hard Way.

Dov Frohman Leads the Hard Way; Paula Margulies; Strategy+Business, June 19, 2009; press/article/09208?gko=2a985-1876-27710107

This interview with the founder and recently-retired CEO of Intel Israel Ltd. highlights the nature of risk-taking and leadership in a high tech enterprise. Dov Frohman has been characterized by leadership scholar Warren Bennis as "a maverick ... an innovator, a questioner, a radical, a champion, a sage, a survivor, and above all, a leader." In this interview he relates how he convinced Intel management to choose Israel for its first overseas facility and how, when he founded it, "I was determined to cultivate an atmosphere of a precarious startup, even though we were part of a successful and fast-growing company." He explains further how smart risk-taking "often involves doing the unexpected--and sometimes the seemingly impossible--even in the face of considerable opposition."
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Publication:Research-Technology Management
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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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