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As simple as black and white: monochrome images provide a window into the past. Dec 1, 2013 626
Taking to the streets: timing, anticipation and an understanding of human nature are essential to frame the work and the worker. Oct 1, 2013 538
From the inside out: subtle details provide insight into character. Aug 1, 2013 564
Change your perspective: the subjects might be similar, but varying the approach can make them different. Jun 1, 2013 535
Opening the door to meaning: doorways can prove powerful metaphors, suggesting transition and the passage of time. Jan 1, 2013 636
Finding meaning in service: images of servers at work offer a glimpse into a common but challenging job. Sep 1, 2012 648
Our rusted, busted past: when seen through a camera lens, old and decaying buildings can offer nostalgia tinged with social commentary. Jul 1, 2012 656
Photographing the marketplace: more than goods, markets offer a look at the communities they serve. May 1, 2012 652
Dimensions of grandeur: overcoming cliches in iconic imagery. Mar 1, 2012 642
Bring museums to life: visitors, unusual juxtapositions can animate static images. Jan 1, 2012 602
The face of work: storytelling portraiture: the best examples define character and personality as well as the task at hand. Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2011 609
Men at work: in capturing salespeople in their daily efforts, we see the true meaning of livelihood. Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2011 702
Finding symbolism in signage: signs point the viewer in the right direction--or provide unintended meaning. Column Jul 1, 2011 561
Communication on the go: making expressive pictures of people using their cell phones. Column May 1, 2011 660
The heart of the matter: with abstraction, we show less but say much more. Column Mar 1, 2011 696
The true nature of things: images can visually interpret humankind's relationship to the environment. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2011 670
Make your point: using triangles can shape a photograph's coherence and meaning. Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2010 678
The power of tension: add energy to your images by creating a sense of anticipation. Sep 1, 2010 629
Guide the eye and energize content with diagonals: we can find subjects that already have diagonals within them, or we can create diagonal flow ourselves. Jul 1, 2010 575
Using emotion to express human values: how people hold themselves, how they use personal space and how they use gesture can speak volumes. May 1, 2010 582
Make a statement: if your subject matter contains words, consider including them in your photos to expand context and meaning. Mar 1, 2010 764
Touch viewers through texture: images built around texture can help communicate ideas. And by inviting viewers to reach out and touch them, such photographs may spark imaginations. Jan 1, 2010 620
Blurred images put ideas in focus: express meaning by extending time, implying motion. Column Nov 1, 2009 687
Using rhythm and pattern to tell a story: repetition can create patterns that tie an image together, helping to convey character and meaning. Sep 1, 2009 704
Telling stories: editorial photography should engage viewers--and prompt them to imagine how the story unfolds. Jul 1, 2009 702
A harvest of visual principles: a new book offers keen insight into the glory days of black-and-white corporate photojournalism. Book review May 1, 2009 528
Symbolic silhouettes show less, say more: abstractions create mystery, retting viewers decide the meaning for themselves. Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2009 720
Revealing reflections: mirrors, water, glass--any shiny surface can reflect an image or light, expressing ideas in a new form and stimulating the viewer's imagination. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2009 584
Choose your vantage point: be selective in deciding where to stand--it can determine what your photographs say to viewers. Jan 1, 2008 765
Building awareness: make viewers cognizant of an edifice's significance, not just its structure, by focusing on details that tap into imagination and emotion. Nov 1, 2007 626
Finding a genuine response: convey emotion with gestures, body language and expressions. Sep 1, 2007 587
Integrating choices in time, light and space: tell the story with subtle clues about the subject and environment. Jul 1, 2007 707
Telling a story through human values: subtle gestures and expressions influence the viewer's interpretation by highlighting shared emotions. Mar 1, 2007 703
Interpret, rather than describe, industrial scenes: when photographing buildings or machinery, include other elements in the frame to help tell the story. Jan 1, 2007 669
Composition: organizing pictures as communication: create visual order out of chaos by carefully structuring your images. Nov 1, 2006 690
Take it to the limit: manipulate the edges of the frame to shape the meaning of your photo. Sep 1, 2006 769
The job at hand: vary the approach and context to create meaningful images of people at work. Jul 1, 2006 737
Abstracting with light: when less becomes more: find the hidden details of your subject and let them speak to the viewer. May 1, 2006 765
The meaning is in the details: sometimes, it's the little things in photographs that have the biggest impact. Mar 1, 2006 723
Seeing through the layers: layering content in photographs can build depth, substance and context--creating images that communicate. Jan 1, 2006 745
Telling stories with portraits. Nov 1, 2005 768
Telephoto lenses help create intimate portraits and images. Sep 1, 2005 710
Shaping perspective with a wide-angle lens. Jul 1, 2005 698
A sense of place: expressing meaning, instead of describing. May 1, 2005 659
Using vantage point to abstract subject and stress detail. Mar 1, 2005 774
How juxtaposition turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Jan 1, 2005 675
The digital edge: three shots I never would have made on film. Nov 1, 2004 713
When color makes the difference in conveying ideas and meaning. Jul 1, 2004 721
The group portrait: when bonding becomes communication. May 1, 2004 720
The working portrait: communicating more than a likeness. Mar 1, 2004 764
Life in motion: freeze or blur? How to choose the decisive moment. Jan 1, 2004 782
Photographing problems and solutions: how to engage viewers in the process. Oct 1, 2003 731
Controlling perspective, photographers can create meaning. Aug 1, 2003 769
Symbols speak: using abstraction to make effective photos of buildings. (Photo Critique). Jun 1, 2003 713
Shooting a subject over and over? Take a different approach each time. (Photocritique). Apr 1, 2003 845
How photographers make the most of costume to define who we are. (Photocritique). Feb 1, 2003 670
The photo essay: when pictures add up. (Photo Critique). Dec 1, 2002 809
Effective photojournalism interprets events through human values. (Photocritique). Oct 1, 2002 557
The camera as a 'time machine': still photography's unique asset. (Photocritique). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 442
Improving the product shot: use context to define meaning. (Photo Critique). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 504
The Commission: photojournalism interprets spiritual subject matter. (Photo Critique). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 559
When less is more: Obscuring detail to make your point. (Photocritique). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 750
When less is more: obscuring detail to make your point. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 607
Improving the office shot: use work space as context for meaning. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 761
Light: use it to communicate, not just to expose your film. Jun 1, 2001 1027
Color or black & white? When the medium becomes the message. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 832
Visually literate magazine covers grab readers, tell stories. Feb 1, 2001 612
The picture book as corporate history: Deere illuminates its core values. (Photo Critique). Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 857
Symbolic settings add meaning to portraits. (PHOTOCRITIQUE). Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 610
Capturing Feelings on Film: Natural Gestures Work Best. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 490
Linking People to Places: Create Emphasis Through Size, Scale and Focus. Jun 1, 2000 486
The 'Folded Arms' Portrait: Cliche or communication? Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 712
Annual Report Photojournalism: Telling It Like It Is. Feb 1, 2000 781
Try shooting from behind, instead of in front, to tell the story. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 569
The point, not the pose, is key to photojournalism. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 557
Color or Black and White? Whichever Best Makes Your Point? Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 729
The environmental portrait: blending subject and context to communicate. Jun 1, 1997 449
Visual literacy made simple: Allstate's Summaria shows how. Column Mar 1, 1997 535
Improve pictures through placement and cropping. Column Mar 1, 1995 432
Beware the hand-to-chin cliche. Column Jan 1, 1995 387
Human photos best tell healthcare story. Column Nov 1, 1994 546
When rhythm tells the story. Column Dec 1, 1992 281
Using abstraction to portray employees at war. Column Oct 1, 1991 364
Communicating with pictures: key to 21st century publications. May 1, 1990 1298

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