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Dough No.

"Creative cookie dough concoctions feature huge gobs of dough at their core," gushed the Ben & Jerry's press release.

Yesss! Instead of rooting around for dough chunks in that tub of regular Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, "Dough Heads" can now just dig into the core. What a breakthrough!

So what if 2/3 cup (the serving that labels must use starting in January) of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core has 380 calories, 13 grams of saturated fat, and 6 1/2 teaspoons of added sugar? And so what if a pint has 1,140 calories, 38 grams of sat fat, and 20 teaspoons of added sugar? Just think of it as an entire Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake--a perfect snack!

And that's not all.

Three months later came a second breathless press release: "Ben & Jerry's is launching JUST the dough! Chunk Spelunkers who seek out chunks of cookie dough can now enjoy all the chunks sans spoon!"

Gee, thanks, Ben, and thanks, Jerry, for doing your part to create a nation of doughy boys, girls, and grownups. 846-1500

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Title Annotation:FOOD PORN; Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core
Publication:Nutrition Action Healthletter
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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