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Double-headed extrusion.

This two-headed extrusion tooling system is 40-50% more productive in manufacturing rubber or silicone end products than conventional single-head systems, according to the company. The DualFlo system employs two identical heads joined by a specially designed metering valve to transform a single extruding machine into one with dual output. This is said to result in bottom line savings in reduced capital costs, labor operating costs and material costs. With the DualFlo's special engineering, a multi-layer and multi-stripe capability are standard. Virtually any existing extruder layout can be configured to accommodate this system. The DualFlo is said to be designed to enhance extrusion productivity while meeting the particular needs of OEM and medical tubing manufacturers who must produce precision tubes with precise diameter and wall thicknesses for today's advanced technology applications, according to the manufacturer. Benefits designed into the DualFlo are said to include a fixed center adjustment or a patent-pending FeatherTouch adjustment in the die holder. (Guill Tool & Engineering)

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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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