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Double-duty towelettes.

Computers are big dust collectors-- in part because the screen produces static electricity, attracting dirt to the surface. Cleaning the screen with a rag or tissue is ineffective: The static's magnetic field holds the dust to the surface, so wiping simply pushes the dirt around, not off the screen.

Allsop, a maker of computer accessories, offers chemically treatedtowelettes that not only clean computer surfaces but also help eliminate the static buildup. The cleaner contams neither ammonia nor silicone, which causes stress surface cracks in plastics.

The towelettes are large enough (8 by 11 inches) to clean an entire personal computer. They also can be used to clean telephone handsets. The towelettes are biodegradable and are sold in packages of 10. One package costs $9.99.

For details, write to Allsop, Inc., P.O. Box 23, Bellingham, Washington 98227, or call (800) 426-4303.
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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