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Double-cylinder water-filtration system.

A British company has developed what it describes as a total-spectrum double-cylinder water-purification system, which is available with a choice of filter cartridges to deal with whatever pollutants are present in a particular water supply, to raise its quality to that of bottled water. The Healthguard 2000 from Environmental Technology can be installed under a domestic sink in less than 25 minutes by a person without any special skills. The mains water supply is not interrupted, and the device comes complete with two cartridge-type filters and all fittings including a stainless-steel tap.

A wide range of filter cartridge can be used in different combinations to solve particular pollution problems. Active ingredients include superactive carbon and different types of ion-exchange resin. Mechanical filtration is by a 30 um prefilter, a 0.5 um ceramic membrane, and a reticulated-foam pad filter. The first filtration stage is normally the Pretac filter cartridge. For the second stage, a suitable choice might well be the Hitac combination cartridge containing superactive carbon and a ceramic membrane, which is designed to remove most metals and chemicals and 99.9 per cent of all bacteria. The Nitrac cartridge is appropriate choice where there are problems with dissolved nitrates, while the Phostac cartridge eliminates the lime deposits which can stain baths and washbasins and |fur' pipes. In addition to the standard cartridges, the company can, on receipt of a sample of water for analysis or an analyst's report, produce special models to meet specific requirements. The recommended flow rate is 2 litre/min, and the only maintenance required is a filter-element change every six months.
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Publication:Economic Review
Date:Aug 1, 1992
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