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Double the performance.

Crown Lift Trucks has added two new special application models to its range of stackers and pallets.

The WD 2300S double stacker with fold-down platform is designed to handle the latest loading technologies in large volume vehicles and offer high-handling throughput levels in warehouses, as it can transport two pallets simultaneously each weighing 1000 kg. This enables trailers to be loaded and unloaded in virtually half the time. The forks can raise loads of up to 1000 kg to a maximum height of up to 2100 mm, while the outriggers are designed for an additional load of 1000 kg (or 2000 kg with the forks lowered). A narrow overall width of 712 mm simplifies block stacking and allows for precision lorry loading. This makes the WD 2300S ideal for high density, stock-to-dock applications, as it combines the capability of a stacker with the flexibility of a pallet truck with foldable platform. The folding, cushioned operator platform with side restraints allows even long travel distances to be covered in the warehouse rapidly and comfortably. The operator also benefits from greater manoeuvrability in confined areas when operating in pedestrian mode.

The WP 2340S pallet truck with fixed operator platform is used for transporting goods up to 2000 kg over long distances. The sturdy operator platform is entirely fabricated from steel. features a cushioned backrest and has an inward facing grab bar at the rear. This is because over long distances the pallet truck is normally operated with the forks trailing. The driver operates the control handle with one hand while the other hand holds the grab bar. An entry bar reduces the risk of injury when manoeuvring in confined spaces. At the same time the low step height of just 190 mm also facilitates the entry. All valuable componentry is protected as the entire chassis, side panels and covers are constructed using heavy-gauge steel.

Both models require minimum hand and wrist movements thanks to the double award winning X10[TM] control handle. Because the handle offers tactile and visual differentiation of the controls, the operator can work more productively. For example the X10[TM] thumbwheel can be operated with either the right or left thumb and provides maximum speed control for both forward and reverse travel. The programmable rabbit/turtle switch incorporates two levels of programmable travel performance to match operator experience and application environment.

The state-of-the-art traction controller with Separately Excited Motor (SEM) technology provides smooth acceleration and regenerative motor braking for both models. Even on inclines, the travel speed remains almost constant, regardless of the load. Ramp Hold minimises the possibility of unintended roll back when brakes are released on an recline.

Contact Crown Lift Trucks on tel: 0118 989 8700/8800 or visit
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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