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Double replacement reactions.

My Science Research Project will be a computer program that will solve and analyze double replacement reactions. I will use Visual Basic 5.0 to make this program. The program will have a systematic sequence in which the user will be able to input the data of the desired reaction. The program will then be able to determine charges of each of the reactants. The program will then run the reaction through the solubility rules to determine if the reaction will occur. Once the products of the reaction are determined, the program will determine the needed subtitles in order to make each compound neutrally charged. Then the program will balance the reaction. In order to balance the equation the program will run through all of the possible coefficients until the correct ones are found. The next part of the program will involve Stoichiometry. The user will put in the amount of one of the reactants that is in the reaction. The program will then determine the grams of each product that is a result of the reaction.

Daniel Ansher, Cherry Creek High School
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Author:Anscher, Daniel
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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