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Double date with my teen idols made a weekend to remember.

If music really is good for the soul, I'm feeling euphoric after being lucky enough to attend another series of brilliant concerts.

I don't think any music affects you quite as powerfully as the albums you were obsessed with in your teens.

One of my favourite records of all time was the eponymous Hipsway album, released in 1986.

I know every word of every song but somehow never managed to catch them live until last weekend when I saw them twice in 24 hours. They sounded amazing playing an incredible gig at Glasgow's Kelvingrove bandstand, my new favourite venue (if it is dry).

I must compliment the sound people (the forgotten heroes of the live scene who can make or break a gig). The Kelvingrove Sessions this year have been the best acoustics at outdoor events I've ever heard.

Cat Har on My life was made when I tweeted how much I enjoyed the gig and it was retweeted by velvet-voiced lead singer Graham Skinner. The 16-year-old me would have screamed.

festi ching cat group The following day, Hipsway were part of the brilliant line-up at Party at the Palace, Linlithgow.

As a T in the Park veteran, I wasn't sure how I'd cope with the family feel to this festival but it was utterly brilliant.

The sea of camping chairs and travel rugs startled me at first but there was plenty of space in front of the stage for those like me who like to dance.

Abba tribute band Bjorn Again were a hoot blasting out hits, Hipsway were phenomenal again, although I did chuckle at the queue for the glitter hair and unicorn face-painting stall getting bigger during their set.

Local hero Amy Macdonald headlined and was fabulous. I'm such a massive fan.

I enjoyed catching up with PR guru Deborah Welsh, who was running the press side of the event and laughed when she told me she'd been the last person in the local chippy the previous night which had run out of everything 'apart from THAT pie'. The forlorn pie was her executive dinner. It's not all caviar and champagne at the coalface of rock 'n' roll.

What I love about festivals is that I always end up talking tripe with randoms. Lorraine and Louise Simpson are two bubbly sisters from Linlithgow who'd been staring at our posse for a while.

Lorraine came over and asked my radio co-host Ewen Cameron, his hair shaved, if he played "the mental Irish guy in Braveheart". In her hand was her phone with a Google image of actor David O'Hara with wild curly black hair. Standing next to Ewen was my other half - an actor who could be mistaken for David O'Hara.

As Lorraine continued to ask Ewen, her sister was frantically mouthing, 'No, him, the other one'. Lorraine was not wearing her good glasses.

She then proceeded to tell me how she'd once made tripe and onions for our radio pals Boogie and Arlene on Forth 1. A fan of tripe. Lorraine goes to Bulgaria on holiday because they make good tripe soup. It's amazing what you learn at a music festival. I loved the vibe and location of Party in the Palace and will definitely go back next year.

So I say thank you for the music, Bjorn Again and Abba before them would have to agree....

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The sea of camping chairs and travel rugs startled me at first but it was an utterly brilliant festival ''
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 20, 2017
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