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Double bill is a darkly comic treat; PREVIEW: Leonardo's Last Supper and Noonday Demons, Various venues.

[bar] OLD Productions return to Aberystwyth Arts Centre this week with a darkly comic double bill from Olivier Award-winning playwright Peter Barnes.

Perhaps best known for the film The Ruling Class with Peter O'Toole, this stage show gives a few history lessons courtesy of the twisted comedic genius of the late great playwright.

Noonday Demons deals with two fourth-century anchorites each vying with each other for rigorous piety through a bizarre battle of ritual and action, each attempting to prove their superior devotion to God and their individual worthiness to be 'top dog collar'.

St Eusebius is visited daily by the devil, a whiny cockney, who attempts to tempt the great saint out of his cave in Egypt with money, power and lust.

Ever failing, the Devil vanishes, and Eusebius is then visited by a fellow saint who tries to convince him that he has followed the word of God and that Eusebius must pack his things and leave immediately.

Leonardo's Last Supper deals with the events following the death of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Having been delivered to the funeral home of Lasca, Maria and their idiot son Alphonso, Leonardo awakes and demands evidence that he is alive, and not, in fact, in hell. Once convinced of his resurrection, Da Vinci proclaims his desires for his remaining years. However, the family are not too keen on losing their fee for dealing with his corpse, so decide positive action is required if they are ever to return to their beloved Florence.

Stephen Wright and David Blumfield make up the cast of Noonday Demons and they are joined by Josephine Lloyd-Welcome and Marcus Dobson for Leonardo's Last Supper.

Bold Productions is a professional touring company working in association with Aberystwyth Arts Centre. The dramas are always rehearsed and premiered in Aberystwyth before moving to different venues throughout the UK, The double bill will also be heading to Swansea Grand Theatre later this month. [bar] Leonardo's Last Supper and Noonday Demons is at Aberystwyth Arts Centre from Thursday to Saturday and at Swansea Grand Theatre on March 31 and April 1
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 22, 2011
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