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Double D's multi purpose baking equipment.

Double D's Multi Purpose Baking Equipment

Double D aim to provide the baking industry with equipment which is multi purpose in operation, covering the whole spectrum of the baking industry in Britain and on the continent, and they demonstrate this by the flexibility of equipment offered.

The Revorack Mk 3 oven, which can be fired by electricity, diesel oil, natural gas or LPG, generates a 'solid' heat that makes it suitable for all types of bread, confectionery and pastry products. It also uses gentle air flow from horizontal louvres, each one of which is individually adjustable, to give the baker the best possible chance of producing light flaky pastry and a range of quality confectionery.

Built into the baking chamber, as an integral part of the oven, is a steam generator. This is a specially designed casting, which varies in size with the capacity of the oven and gives an abundant supply of instant wet steam. Steaming sessions are timed in seconds rather than minutes with this generator. When not in use for steaming purposes, it acts as a most useful heat storage unit and aids oven recovery time. Quick release panels within the baking chamber give access to the generator, for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

This unit is of stainless steel construction throughout with a combustion system, ie, combustion chamber and heat exchanger, designed for maximum efficiency economy and durability.

The ideal units to work in conjunction with this oven are the Humidair automatic prover and Humidair retarder/prover. Their automatic prover is designed to bring a new dimension in efficiency and economy to proofing, and this is seen by the even proof obtained every time throughout the racks in the chamber. Such a 2 rack prover will operate on 2kw.

The 2 rack retarder/prover operates with the same measure of efficiency and economy as the automatic prover, whilst doing a 2-in-1 job - it can be used for retarding all night and proofing all day, as required by the baker. Twentyfour hour operation is carried out on an electric loading of only 2.7kw. These units can be fitted with micro-processor control panels if required.

Double D will operate a working bakery at Bake '89 in G/Mex, Manchester. The star feature on the stand will be a small version of the new Revoband flat bed oven. This is a traveling oven with a stainless steel conveyor band. On this small version, the band width is 500mm or 19in., and the baking chamber length is 2500mm or 98in..

Revoband is a multi purpose oven suitable for all bakery products, and items such as quiche, flans, etc, are ideal for this oven, because of the fitted dampers which give top and bottom heat control. In addition, individual adjustment is possible using a series of hot air louvres that run the length and width of the baking chamber. This ensures the operator has complete control throughout the baking process.

The oven can be supplied with a conveyor band up to 3m or 118in. wide; on the models with wider bands the band can be split into two or three sections, each capable of travelling at a different speed, thereby enabling a wide variety of products to go through the oven at the same time.

A Revoband unit is versatile, it will not only bake but will roast, grill and cook, and can operate with dry heat, wet heat or a combination of both. It can operate on either natural gas, LPG, diesel oil or electricity.

PHOTO : A Revoband flat bed oven
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Date:Sep 1, 1989
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